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The Western Star, April 12, 1907.

Lu (Burton) Heflin

Again "the silver angel with sad, sable wings" has made a visit to Lake City. After only a few hours illness, Mrs. Albert Heflin died at her home near Lake City on Saturday morning, March 30. Lu Burton Heflin was born in Ohio county, Kentucky, on March 28, 1869, was married at Coldwater, Kansas, to Albert Heflin on June 3, 1886.

She leaves an aged mother, a husband, two children and two step-sons, whose lives are shadowed by the loss that has fallen upon them. Mrs. Heflin has long been a resident of Lake City, and all who were acquainted with her knew that she was a good woman. She was a mother in every sense of the word, seldom away from home, never complaining, but doing the best that she could and living a good, pure life. She was a professed Christian and therefore not afraid of death.

Funeral services were held at the M. E. church Saturday afternoon, March 30. Rev. Gilmore preached the funeral sermon, and she was buried in the Lake City cemetery.

Seldom have the people of Lake City known such sadness as the taking away of this mother from her family of little ones. There was not a heart that did not ache. It is so hard to understand why God should still the beating of that mother's heart, for there is no one upon this earth who can take her place. Words of comfort it would be vain to speak now, but perhaps after awhile we may come to know that it was for the best.

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