Barber County Kansas

The Barber County Index, January 28, 1903.

Mary M. Cummins Dead.

The sad news of the death of Mary M. Cummins, wife of Scott Cummins, was brought to Medicine Lodge by Denver Boggs who came up from Oklahoma Monday on business.

Mrs. Cummins died on Saturday. Her trouble was heart disease. Mrs. Cummins was in poor health for several years but at the time of her death and a number of months previous seemed to be in better health than usual. She was 56 years of age.

Her death affects the husband very acutely and it is feared that the shock may result injuriously to his health.

Mr. and Mrs. Cummins were citizens of Barber county prior to the opening of the Strip, when they moved to Winchester, Okla., and were so closely attached to many of our citizens that they still speak of them as citizens and neighbors. All are deeply grieved on account of the departure of this good woman.

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