Barber County Kansas

Medicine Lodge Cresset, March 2, 1900.

Miss Mary Best

The most extensive stock raiser among the women of Barber county, and the state perhaps, is Miss Mary Best of Medicine Lodge, whose beautiful home is just one mile west of the city. She came from England to this country about ten years ago and purchased the place where she now resides with her mother and brother. She has added to her landed possessions until she now owns and controls about 3,000 acres, 700 of which [are] in cultivation. She is dealing extensively in stock and handles from 2,000 to 3,000 head of cattle annually.

Miss Best has a contract to supply the Agricultural Department with improved sorghum cane seed, furnishing the past year the entire amount distributed by the department through congressmen and senators.

Miss Best finds time from her duties on the farm to take an active part in social and club affairs.

Miss Mary Best of Barber County, Kansas, who has had considerable experience in the manufacture of sorghum molasses and in swine raising, reports the satisfactory feeding of sorghum molasses to hogs. She says (Eleventh Biennial Report of the Kansas State Board of Agriculture, page 275): "We have had on hand a good many barrels of sorghum molasses, and have fed it to the hogs, a few gallons at a time, all winter. They like it immensely." -- Swine In America by F.D. Coburn, 1912.

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