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The Barber County Index, September 23, 1903.


Mildred Bisby Burned to Death
in a Gasoline Explosion.

A frightful accident occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Begert on Sunday morning while Mr. Begert was filling the tank on the gasoline stove, to which their granddaughter, Mildred Bisby was so severely burned that she died at 1 o'clock on Monday morning.

Mr. Begert undertook to fill the tank while the fire was burning and the gasoline in the vessel he was using ignited. He threw the burning mass out of the door quickly and the burning oil fell on the little girl who was outside. Mr. Begert, with the assistance of A. Langhart, his next neighbor, wrapped the girl in comforts and blankets as quickly as possible and smothered the flames but it could not be done quick enough to prevent a terrible burning. Medical assistance was at once procured and the suffering was somewhat relieved but all that kind hands could do could not preserve life and Mildred passed away soon after midnight.

Mrs. Emma Marsoff, Mr. and Mrs. Begert's daughter, was also severely burned on one arm as was also Mr. Begert.

Funeral services were held at the family residence yesterday afternoon conducted by Rev. J. L. Patterson, pastor of the M. E. church.

Mildred was 12 years, 3 months and 9 days of age. She was the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Bisby and the bereaved parents have the sincere sympathy of all in their sudden affliction.

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