Barber County Kansas

Medicine Lodge Cresset, July 1, 1892.


"Good night to all" and the spirit of Nevada Lake left the body of clay. It was but four o'clock and the sun of day was shining brightly, but her sun had set. She had reached the twilight of life and the darkness of death was gathering about her. "Good night." What a promise of happy morning greeting. But those who gathered about the couch of Nevada Lake knew her "good night" was final, and there would be no awakening here. Her greetings would be given to the angels of the world beyond. Death came not without protest, and when told two days before by her physician that she must die, Mrs. Lake only laughed at him. Though her body was racked with pain which death only could relieve, life had its charms, and she longed to live - to postpone the final summons - that she might scatter sunshine among those who love her.

Nevada Lake died on Tuesday afternoon, June 28, at her home in Lake City. She was in her 24th year. For two or three years she has been a sufferer from consumption and other diseases. She was the wife of Riley Lake and the daughter of D. L. Pierce. All that an affectionate husband could do was done to prolong her life and relieve her suffering. She had only to express a wish to have it gratified. Mrs. Lake was a devoted Catholic, and was laid away in the Lake City cemetery - the last house of the body - yesterday afternoon according to the rites of that church.

Gravestone for Nevada Jane (Pierce) Lake,

Lake City Cemetery, Barber County, Kansas.

Photo by Kim Fowles.
Gravestone for Nevada Jane (Pierce) Lake,
Lake City cemetery, Barber County, Kansas.
Photo by Kim Fowles.

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