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The Barber County Index, October 20, 1921.



Orrin Carter Pepoon was born in Kingston, Michigan, January 26, 1875 and left this world Sunday evening October 16, 1921, having spent 36 years, 8 months and 20 days in this world, which was not his home. He came with his parents to St. Louis in 1883 and in 1884 to Barber County, Kansas.

He has been a Christian from childhood and joined the Methodist church when nine years of age. He began work in the church young and was active in labor for that Kingdom until just a short time before his death.

He called his pastor out just a few days ago and said he wanted to resign as teacher of his Sunday School class. His service was freely and gladly given for the work of the church. It was a delight for him to do any duty for the cause he loved so much. He never thought he was doing too much, but rather fearful that he was doing too little.

Many people have been members of his classes in Sunday School and one of his blessings to the world will be the impress of his Christian character upon those impressionable pupils for his daily life was a living illustration of the truths he taught on Sunday, so that by life even forcefully that by words he has impressed life for good. No good world nor deed will ever die, so that his life may continue to speak even though his voice is stilled by death. One service should not pass unnoticed, and that was his faithful devotion to his aged and well nigh helpless parents. When in weakness and enfeebled he would get up from his bed to help his mother, lest she hurt herself; he forgot himself in his solicitude for her.

He was always grateful for any favor or kindness shown him or his parents and even in his sickness, when it was exertion to speak, he would speak words of kindly appreciation.

He bore his sickness and sufferings calmly and very patiently, nor fearing the end and came to it as calmly as a child falls asleep in its mother's arms at the close of day.

He leaves a brother Charles Pepoon of Vineland, N. J., and Mrs. Bert Groves of Medicine Lodge, and his elderly father and mother, besides a large number of friends and acquaintances.

He fell asleep in the evening; we hope to meet him some good morning.

Card of Thanks

The undersigned wish to express their appreciation and thanks for the very many acts of love and kindness shown to us during the illness and death of our dear son and brother.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Pepoon.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Groves.
Charles Pepoon.

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