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Barber County Index, March 9, 1944.

Sgt. Paul Hart Veteran of 40 Combat Missions

At an Advanced 12th AAF Bomber Base - Veteran of 40 combat missions, S/Sgt. Paul W. Hart of Medicine lodge, Kansas, has been flying as an AF B-12 Marauder aerial gunner in the Mediterranean theatre.

The 22 year old flyer has taken part in attacks on Tunisia, Pantelleria, Sardinia, Sicily, Italy and France. With the rest of the crew of "Pistol Packin Mama," Hart has been on missions over Rome and helped the AAF spearhead the Sicilian and Italian invasions.

"Our hottest mission was last July against the railroad yards at Paoli, Italy, the former cowpuncher said. "One flight of our bombers made a second run on the target and were jumped by ME-109's. It was really a fight to get home and two of the Marauders were shot down. But eight of the German fighters were either destroyed for certain or probables."

Since coming overseas in December, 1942, Hart has been awarded the Air Medal with seven Oak Leaf Clusters for Meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight. He is a graduate of the Army Air Force Gunnery School in Las Vegas, Nev.

Sgt. Hart arrived here Saturday for a visit with relatives.


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