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Pilot of a flying fortress and holder of the Air Medal with four Oak Leaf Clusters, Lt. Paul R. Hibbard, nephew of George Hibbard and cousin of Grace Sheldon, was killed September 18 while flying his 27th mission in the European Theater, according to word received by Mr. Hibbard.

Lt. Hibbard had been piloting his ship on the triangle shuttle bombing run - from England to Russia, then to Italy and back to England. On his first mission over Europe he brought his plane limping back to the home base with one engine shot out and another badly damaged.

Lt. Hibbard received his wings in November, 1943, at Marfa, Texas, Army Air Field and his final training at Alexandra, Ala. The Seattle officer flew his own bomber overseas in May of this year.

The Warsaw Uprising Museum
is Seeking Relatives of Lt. Paul Hibbard

From the Site Guestbook

Name: Jadwiga Graham
Date: 09 March 2008
Hello Shirley,

I am writing on behalf of a director of Warsaw Uprising Museum (and my uncle) who asked me to find family of Lt. Paul Hibbard, about whom you have mentioned on your site.

I noticed couple more websites posting about Heroes of World War II, but none of them provided me with any contact information for further research.

I live in US in St. Louis, MO, and I promised my uncle to do my best to find any connections with family of deceased hero. The reason of this research is, that the Warsaw Museum desires to expand list of American Heroes who fought in WWII to help free Warsaw. Lt. Paul Hibbard was shot by German Messershmidt after he himself shot down 5 airplanes. Parts of his air plane were found in nearby country side by Warsaw and stored as a memorial. The Museum would like to put Paul's HIbbard's name on the board and to read his honors on the annual national Memorial day in September. This is very serious and uplifting event and in order to honor heroes, the Museum needs to get in touch with families and obtain their permission.

Shirley, you are my only link and I was hoping you could give me extra clues of how to find relatives of Lt. Paul Hibbard.

Please let me know at my email I appreciate your insight and help.

God Bless,


July 1944 USAAF Overseas Accident Reports:
Date: 440701 (July 1, 1944).
Aircraft type: B-17G.
Serial number: 42-102533.
Squadron: 568BS.
Group: 390BG.
Home Base: 163.
AF: 8.
Action: TAC.
D: 3.
Pilot: Hibbard, Paul R.
Country: ENG.
US State: ___.
Location: Framlingham/Sta 153.

Sources for further research:

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Google search results: Hibbard +Seattle


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