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The Barber County Index, January 6, 1904.


Peter Trissal Died Suddenly last Wednesday
While on a Protracted Spree.

Peter Trissal was found dead on a cot in Kinkaid & Johnson's livery barn at 9 o'clock last Wednesday night, December 30, 1903. For nearly two days he had been under the influence of liquor and it was too much for his constitution. Ernest Tedrow first discovered that Pete was dead and he at once notified Coroner Moore who impaneled a jury at once to inquire into the cause of death. The jury consisted of H. H. Case, G. F. Willan, Chris Koegel, Wm. Langhart, Joe Shannon and Harry Newkirk. They found that death resulted from heart failure, caused by excessive use of alcohol.

Mr. Trissal went into the livery barn at about 6 o'clock and asked permission to lie on the cot. He was not disturbed by anyone and it is not known how long he was dead before Mr. Tedrow discovered it.

Funeral services were held under the direction of the Masonic Lodge on Friday. Mr. Trissal was a member of the Blue Lodge at Burrton, Kansas, and a member of Cypress Chapter of this city.

He has a niece residing at Holton, Kansas, who was notified of his death. She directed burial here.

The deceased came to Medicine Lodge nearly two years ago and has been porter at the Grand Hotel. He was 57 years of age and has seen of the dark side of life. He was not a bad man at heart but he was a pitiful example of the results of poisonous whiskey. He was in the habit of going on sprees and was several times warned by physicians that if he did not quit the habit, it would kill him. He made all sorts of vows that he would not touch another drop, but when the temptation came he had not the power and courage to resist it. Where he got the liquor will not be made public. We do not blame the guilty parties for keeping it hushed. Any man who would sell such a man anything to drink ought to conceal his identity.

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