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Barber County Index, July 8, 1944.

Engineer, Roy Morris Dies From Train Wreck Injuries

Roy Morris, 55, of Wellington, the engineer who was injured in the train wreck at Kiowa last Tuesday, died the following day in the Hardtner hospital as a result of his injuries.

The body was taken to Wellington for burial. He is survived by his wife and two sons. Mr. Morris had served 38 years with the Santa Fe.

Engineer Morris and his crew had been switching in the yards at Kiowa and when their train was made up prepared to pull out on the main line on their regular run. A through freight, heavily loaded and pulled by a big "2900" locomotive, was coming down the main line in the same direction that Morris' train was traveling. When the engineer on the through freight saw Morris was pulling out in front of him, he applied the emergency brakes, according to reports, but it was too late and the two engines crashed. Morris warned his fireman to jump and then started to jump himself but was pinned to the gangway when the "2900" hit the tender of his engine. No one else was injured.


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