Barber County Kansas

Medicine Lodge Cresset, March 2, 1900.

H.S. "Scott" Buck

The man who never worries is the man that wins and enjoys his winnings.

Scott Buck, who runs a drug store, sells hardware and farm implements, buggies, wagons, etc., in Lake City, is that kind of man, and the only one we have met in our journeys through Barber county. Scott began his business career in Lake City as a clerk in his father's store in the year 1886. In 1891 his father resigned business and the son became the successor. Since that time he has managed the business with such carefulness, and with a regard to its equities, that he has captured the patronage of all buyers of his goods in Lake and the region of country lying roundabout.

A person may easily get into an argument with Mr. Buck on politics, religion, or as to when the twentieth century begins, but if he expects to move him from the pedestal of good nature, get him rattled by any vociferous demonstrations he is off his base and sure to come out loser.

In addition to his mercantile interests Mr. Buck has large real estate interests adjacent to Lake City, comprising 1680 acres of land, 240 of which belongs to his brother Frank, 400 to himself individually and 960 acres to the Buck estate. In regard to the natural location there is probably no better stock ranch for the subsistence of a limited herd of cattle in Barber county. It has excellent pasturage, a sufficient acreage of arable, fertile land to produce winter feed, is watered by springs and a stream of ever running water that flows the entire length of the tract, while the bluff and canyons afford natural shelter from cold and transient storms. Mr. Buck is a shrewd business manager, wears no blinders and takes a good long look ahead before he enters into any new speculation. He is straight forward, upright and a man it will do to tie to under all circumstances.

Henry Scott Buck is buried in the Lake City Cemetery.

Lake City Plot Map, Barber County, Kansas
From Standard Atlas of Barber County, Kansas, 1905.

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It is one of a series of articles published together on 2 March 1900 under the title of Barber County Profiles: Men Who Have Taken a Prominent Part in Developing the Stock Industry in Barber County.

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