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The Barber County Index, December 23, 1982.

Teddy Keith Piersall

Teddy Keith Piersall was born on March 10, 1929, in Shattuck, Oklahoma, and left us on December 13, 1982.

He was preceded in death by his mother, Eunice Piersall, and father, Bernell Piersall, a sister, Kathryn Bonham, a son, Kent Bernell Piersall.

Ted is survived by his beautiful wife, Donna Jeanne; daughter, Sheri Jeanne Piersall of Topeka; son, Keith Ray Piersall and daughter-in-law, Marcketta Piersall; three grandchildren, Jennifer, Joshua, and Jerimy Piersall, all of Attica.

He is also survived by his brothers, Leland (Doc) Piersall, Hardtner, Lawrence (Jack) Piersall, Anthony, and George (bill) Piersall, Hardtner; sisters, Eileen Gwinner, Colorado Springs, Betty Lukens, Medicine Lodge and Treva Michel, Kiowa; and a host of friends.

Ted enlisted in the army on November 29, 1950 and served in Korea a year in 1951. He was then sent to Germany until he was transferred to Ft. Carson, Colo., where he was discharged as Tech Sergeant on November 12, 1953. Ted was so very proud of being able to serve in the United States Army. He went through some very tough times in Korea, but served his country proudly.

Ted married Donna Jeanne Ison on November 22, 1953, which was to be the start of a marriage made in heaven. Most of their married life was spent in Anthony, where Ted barbered until the time of his death.

Ted was so full of love for everyone. You never heard him say a bad word about anyone. He was a loving husband that gave everything he had just to make Donna happy. He was such a special person, that words cannot express the love we have for him.

None of us can know the why or wherefore, and maybe we're not meant to. We just keep on going, living, loving, crying, laughing... all the things that make each and every day a wonder in itself. And in each of those beautiful things, may you find a little bit of Ted, for he was a wonderful man.

They say things can never be the way they used to be. We all found that it was true because, Ted, the Lord has taken you. Days ahead will never be as they were back then even our dreams have changed. Never to hear your laugh or hold you close. Our lives now rearranged. Somehow it seems unfair for you to leave this way. No time for goodby, no warning received. The Lord decides the time and place to reward those who believe. They say that time will heal all wounds, but it will never be the same.

The love that generated from Ted's close and loving family was passed on to anyone that wanted it. He was an unselfish man that would rather give than receive. He never wanted people to worry about him.

The legacy of love, strength and courage that Ted possessed will live on forever in every heart that he touched. He will always be with us spiritually, and will know all the joys and sorrows of everyday life through us.

Ted, till we see you up there we will not say good-bye, but goodnight! We love you!!!

A Tribute to Ted Piersall

Who was that Man - that good looking man with a walk so straight and true?

That made you so proud, so very very proud, just to think that he'd walk with you.

Who was that Friend - who looked for a chance to lend a helping hand, and then get embarrassed if he gave you a chance to lend him back that hand?

Who was that Brother - You'd known since a kid, that usually said "You can go first." The kind of a brother that everyone wants, but only a few get their wish.

Who was the Grandad - with a lap oh so big, that it could be shared by all. And whatever the occasion he'd figure a way - it would be fair for each little Piersall.

Who was the Dad - Oh what a dad, did he ever do anything wrong? Oh Lord up in heaven where the righteous ascent, he's earned his right to belong.

Who was that Husband - so faithful and kind, with that great big sheltering arm? Who loved and protected and cared so much, you could almost read his mind.

Who was that Man - That Good Looking Man, with a walk so straight and true? was just Ted, our precious, dear Ted.

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