Barber County Kansas

The Barber County Index, January 2, 1901.

Tom Brown

Died: Tom Brown accidently shot himself while out hunting Sunday and lived only a few minutes after the wound was inflicted.

The gun was discharged as he was alighting from a wagon, the stock striking the wheel. The entire load entered his side.

Mr. Brown has been stopping at the Hanson hotel here for several months. He has a brother and other relatives living in Sharon township, with whom he was visiting on the day of the fatal accident. Mrs. Lou Robinett of this city is his sister.

The shock of the sudden death was a hard blow to his relatives and friends.

Funeral services were held at Sharon on Monday.

Death resulting from the accidental discharge of a firearm being taken from a wagon or carried in a horse-drawn conveyance was not an uncommon occurence at the time Tom Brown was killed.

Other examples from the Barber County area are: John Hillman/John Hillmon, killed in Barber County in 1879, Harrison Jones of Barber County, who died in 1887, Frank Robinson of Barber County, who died in 1890, Joseph Young of Barber County, who also died in 1901, Willie Richardson, of neighboring Comanche County, in 1907, and Forrest Tatton, also of Comanche County, in 1919.

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