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The Barber County Index, June 10, 1943.

Tech Sgt William E Clark Killed In Plane Crash

Technical Sergeant William E. Clark, 23, was killed in a plane crash with ten others near Peyote Army Air Base at Peyote, Texas, Sunday morning at approximately 3 o'clock, word was received by his mother, Mrs. Ralph DeWitt, last Tuesday afternoon.

Sergeant Clark was stationed at Peyote Air Base since January as an aerial instructor on a Flying Fortress after serving fourteen months in the South Pacific. At the out break of war, he was stationed at Clark Field in the Philippine Islands, after being evacuated from Clark Field he participated in the battles at Java, Guadalcanal, Solomons and East Indies. He received seven citations including four campaign bars, the Purple Heart, Silver Star and the Distinguished Flying Cross as well as five decorations.

He joined the Army Air Corps in October 1939. On September 18, 19__, he was married to Miss Helen Mober of Glendale, Calif. Sgt. and Mrs. Clark returned to Monshana, Texas, May 17 after spending two weeks in Sharon with his mother.

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