Ney School Pupil List


The following list of students was contributed by Sharon

NEY SCHOOL, District No. 88
Cleveland Township, Barton County, Kansas
Term 1905-1906

Ella M. Ruger, Teacher
Chas. D. Davidson, Treas.
N.G. Ney, Clerk
Fred Miller, Director

Lloyd Goller
Estella Goller
Hermie Goller
Frank Ney
Mrggie Ney
Carrie Ney
Mary Miller
Louis Miller
Rosie Miller
Johnnie Miller
Hulda Miller
Edward Polzin
Leo Redetzke
Mary Davidson
Annie Davidson
Marshall Davidson
Lizzie Krier
Frances Krier
Willie Krier
Tracy Krier
Maggie Siefers
Lizzie Siefers

Sharon has questions concerning the shool:
Does this school still exist? Do school records still exist for this school? If this school still exists, where is it? I would be interested in hearing from anyone having information about the GOLLER family living in that area during the early 1900's. My grandmother was Hermie Goller.

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