21st Regiment

Kansas Volunteer Infantry


Spanish-American War

The following listing of soldiers from Company A includes many Barton County residents. This listing is based on one found on pages 16-17 of the book, A ROSTER OF VOLUNTEER TROOPS FURNISHED BY THE STATE OF KANSAS FOR THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR, 1898 (Topeka, Kan. : J. S. Parks, State Printer, 1899.)

N. Dell J. Newton, Captain, Great Bend.
Isaac L. McGee, 1st Lieut., Sterling.
Archibald F. Watson, 2d Lieut., La Crosse.
Thomas S, Venard, 1st Sergt., Ness City.
Randall Linsay, Sergeant, Great Bend.
S. Clyde Johnston, Sergeant, Sterling.
Clarence W. McLaughlin, Sergeant, La Crosse.
Ernest F. Rochester, Sergeant, Scott City.
James E. Miller, Sergeant, Claflin.
Herbert B. Enfleld, Corporal, Chase.
Homer M. Wells, Corporal, Great Bend.
Newton Walker, Corporal, La Crosse.
Thomas H. Bacon, Corporal, Ellinwood.
James A. King, Corporal, Raymond.
Cornelius F. McGreery, Corporal, Dundee.
Jonathan Marshall, Corporal, Garnett.
Gilbert McCormick, Corporal, La Crosse.
Willis W. Wade, Corporal, La Crosse.
Frank W. Dickson, Corporal, Great Bend.
Riginald G. Russell, Corporal, Great Bend.
Bert E. Mann, Corporal, La Crosse.
Wm. A. Potter, Trumpeter, Sterling.
Geo. E. Greninger, Trumpeter, Garnett.
Edward Carr, Wagoner, Hoisington.
Samuel P. Hill, Artificer, Pawnee Rock.


Wilber P. Aber, Great Bend.
Junius W. Akin, La Crosse.
Frank Baker, Beeler.
Geo. Baiselle, Hoisington.
Geo. Brooks, Sterling.
Guy R. Buchtel, Garnett.
Edwin C. Button, Great Bend.
Wm. M. Canfield, Little River.
Thos. B. Coulter, Great Bend.
Dan'l H. Crawford, Little River.
Wm. E. Cramer, La Crosse.
Peter De Broeck, Scipio.
Fred E. Dean, Sterling.
Frank 0. Dean, Sterling.
Frank De Walt, Sterling.
Henry R. Dotson, Garnett.
Geo. B. Eberhart, Sterling.
Ernest Eppstein, Great Bend.
Wm. Foram, Kinsley.
Jno. K. Foxworthy, Le Roy.
Oliver L. Gibson, Raymond.
Bert W. Gilger, Le Roy.
Ernest H. Hall, Chase.
Fred Hinline, Great Bend.
Chas. C. Havens, Sterling.
Jno. W. Haysom, Sterling.
Wm. Hinson, Great Bend.
Quincy Jessup, Hoisington.
Wm. M. Keller, Albert.
Jno. H. King, Greeley.
Charley H. King, Garnett.
Harry M. King, Garnett.
Richard 0. Lewis, La Crosse.
Delbert A. Lyons, Sterling.
Charley A. Monners, Garnett.
James W. McClimons, Great Bend.
George B. Merritt, Great Bend.
Samuel G. Miller, Hoisington.
James B. Messenger, Welda.
Chas. Q. Mitchell, Hoisington.
Arthur T. Mitchell, Hoisington.
Ray H. Munford, Kennekuk.
Edward S. Murphy, Great Bend.
Milton A. Oman, Garnett.
Chancey B. Owston, Nickerson.
Herbert F. Ramsey, Sterling.
Wm. S. Roberts, Chase.
Chas. H. Rothgam, Great Bend.
Chris W. Ruhe, Great Bend.
Thomas J. Saunders, La Crosse.
William J. Schultz, Great Bend.
Edward Sheridan, Hampton.
Harry A. Shull, Garnett.
Levi H. Sims, Lyons.
Oliver V. Steward, Greeley.
Edwin G. Smith, Pawnee Rock.
Jno. P. Stemp, La Crosse.
Fredonia H. Sybertz, Mont Ida.
Bee D. Stockwell, Sterling.
Wm. A. Thompson, Sterling.
Stephen Thompson, Garnett.
Geo. Thul, Ellinwood.
Paul Troika, Claflin.
Stanley Toorey, La Crosse.
George W. Turner, La Crosse.
Albert M. Thatcher, Great Bend.
Ira Vess, Garnett.
Jno. W. Vanderventer, La Crosse.
John W. Wesley, Great Bend.
Frank Wilson, Raymond.
Henry B. Webber, Hoisington.
Chas. F. Yaunkin, Great Bend.
Phillip E. Zimmerman, Chase.

Dollie Metcalf, Private, Hutchinson.
Robert L. McMilIen, Private, Hutehinson.
Robert A. Rea, Private, Hutchinson.
Wm. E. DeMolt, Private, Great Bend.
Louis D. Gehr, Private, Garnett.
Mathias Mayers, Private, Great Bend.
Frank Kennedy, Private, Alden.
Jno. Van Nest, Private, Sterling.

Theo. A. Hammer. July 17, '98, Wormo, Ga.
L. N. Moore, Sep. 1,'.98, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Jefferson Bridges, Private, Mont Ida.
Jno. H. Farrah, Private, Richmond.

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