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Do you have a Barton County story from a book, old newspaper article or something you or another family memberhas written? Perhaps you know of a pioneer tale or a story of courage, humor, tragedy or triumph involving the people who lived here? Maybe you have examples of daily life in Barton County that will open the minds, hearts and eyes of others. If you do and you'd like to share it with others send it us, Bill and Diana Sowers ( Also, please check out guidelines for submission at the bottowm of this page.

Barton County Kansas Section of the 1912 book

Kansas: A Cyclopedia of State History

1--Limit your story to less than 1,000 words.
2--You may write a story in your own words or quote it from another source such as a letter, a family story or an old newspaper article. But remember that some articles are copyrighted and you may have to get permission from the author or publisher if you include a lot of quoted text.
3--List your sources! Whether it comes from an old newspaper article or your Great Aunt May told it to you include this information. You can include as many sources as you know of.
4--Be kind. You can be factual without being too negative towards others, and never include possible slandarous statements about people still living!

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