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Bourbon County Kansas

Transcript of the Ledger Pages Pertaining to the
Orphans and Other Children Living in the

Jones Home
Fort Scott, Kansas
1926 - 1929

Submitted by: Nancy Jones Crawford - Kansas City, MO
powder@cysource.com or powderhorn@hotmail.com
June 7 1926 Mildred Louise came from State Orphans Home in Topeka age 11 years. She was instructed to take the name Jones.
Feb 15 1927 Fannie Belle awarded us by the Court here. Age July 2 1926-11 yrs. 1915
Lula May awarded us by the Court here. Age Dec 28 1926-9 yrs. 1917
Clarence Clifton Instructed to take name Jones Age Feb 6 1927-3 yrs. 1924
Mar 27-'27 Kendall Max will be 3 June 11 - 1927 1924
Milton Ray was 1 yr old Mar. 10 - 1927 1926
June 9-1928 Rec. the papers on Kendall & Milton - giving them to us to take name Jones & all future rights
Note from Nancy: Apparently my grandparents received these papers at the same time as the adoption of their younger brother, Norman Keith Kirby, who was re-named Dwight Lloyd Jones.
Mar 25 1928 Walter Merle Waldo came from Joplin Mo. Age 8 yrs Apr 17 - 1928 1920
Apr 21-1928 Rec. Margylou - Jones Born Sept 27 - 1927 - 7mo.
Apr 23-1928 Rec. the papers on Margylou
June 9 =1928 Dwight Lloyd Jones Born Apr. 23-1928-Adopted June 9-1928 6 wks & 5 days old
Oct 23-1928 Malcom Ray Hord age 7 yrs. Birthday Mar 10. Called Max
Elmer Lee Hord age 5 yrs. Birthday Mar 31. Called Pat.
As boarders by their father Hord at $3.00 apiece a wk - $6.00
Dec. 30 - 1928 (Sun.) Received Richard Dean Bratton, age 4 years - Feb. 10, 1924
Taken as a boarder by Mother Ethel Bratton, phone 898 or 1220W at $3.00/week.
Mar 23-1929 Hazel May Brown Birthday Jan 23 - 11 yrs old - Born in the yr 1918
Orphan - cam from Topeka from Mr. & Mrs. Nelson
Apr 15=1929 Delry Marshall Herndon Born Sept 2 - 14 yrs. Old
D. J. Herndon Born 8 yrs old
Caswell Cicero Born 6 yrs old
Carnel Monroe Born 6 yrs old
Willie Paul Herndon Born 4 yrs old
Rec. From Mrs. Martha Clark Oil City Louisiana
To pay $10.00 per mo. for them
June 13-1929 Rec. From Mr. Sam Owens - coming from Kansas City.
Georgia Marie Maher age 11 & 10 mo. Born Feb. 22 - 1918
Jeannette Maher Age 7 Born July 17
To pay $10.00 per mo for them

The Jones Home closed about 1930. Of the above listed children I only have further information on the two youngest, Margylou and Dwight Lloyd.

Margylou Jones was born Margie Lue Charlton and was raised by my grandparents although we have never found any records of a legal adoption. She married Lawrence McCaslin and they had 5 children. She is still living at this time. Dwight Lloyd Jones was born Norman Keith Kirby (brother to Kendall and Milton) and was formally adopted by my grandparents. Dwight drowned in the Lake of the Ozarks near Warsaw, MO, on 1 July 1956, unmarried and with no issue.

Group Picture of Children at Jones Home

Fort Scott, Kansas
ca. Late Summer 1929
NOTE: this is a large picture and takes a while to load

There may be some errors in this list as the names are not written on the back of the photo. I have used the Ledger records to try to determine some of the children shown.

Front Row - left to right
Jeanette Maher, Clarence Clifton Beck, Richard Dean Bratton, Willie Paul Herndon, Margylou (Charlton) Jones, Milton Ray Kirby, Caswell(?) & Carnel(?) Herndon, Kendall Max Kirby.

2nd Row - left to right
Georgia Marie Maher, Walter Merle Waldo, D. J. Herndon, Delry Marshall Herndon, Fannie Belle Williams, Lula May Williams.

3rd Row - left to right
Mildred Louise Brundage, Hazel May Brown, Maurine Donna Alice Jones.

Back Row - left to right
Harold Sheldon Jones, Lena Ellen (Parker) Jones, Edward Grant Jones, Dwight Lloyd Jones (Norman Keith Kirby).

I hope that the photograph and Ledger records will be of help to some researchers just in case some of the children at the Jones Home continued to carry the Jones name after its closing. Or, if someone has been unable to fill in the blank areas of their ancestor's life.
Nancy Jones Crawford
Kansas City, MO

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Tom & Carolyn Ward
Columbus, KS

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