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Butler County Queries January - June 2008

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For faster loading time, the queries for Butler County, Kansas are being separated into 6 month segments.  The queries from January - June 2008 are listed below.

To enter queries for your ancestors in Butler County, send your query to me, with the new Butler County Query / Surname Entry Form!!  Your query MUST mention Butler County to be posted on these Query pages.

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Kenneth Thomas (kgthomas51@charter.net)

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Marvin Pippig (mopippig@yahoo.com)  18 June 2008
I am having trouble to locate my Great-Grandfather. His name is John or Johann PIPPIG. His wife name was Dorothea (HEITZENRIDER) PIPPIG. John came to Kansas, Butler County in 1875. John died on June 14, 1914, but I can't find out where he is buried at. I have a obit for him but it dose not say anything can you help me or give me some advice to try next. I am willing to pay for any information that you can find out for me. If you need more information please let me know.

Dennis Hinkle (dhkL2006@aol.com)  8 June 2008
Am seeking info on Julia McDANIEL and Maudie/Audie McDANIEL.  We believe they died in Butler County between 1884 and 1889.  Julia was wife to Charles G. McDANIEL.  Maudie was born in about 1882.  Neither arrived in Arkansas in 1900.  Family history says that they had died.

Cindy Dickinson (cmdickinson@cox.net)
Olan John BOOKOUT married Maude Mae ____ on 23 Nov 1926 in  Eldorado, Butler County, KS according to their divorce record. I'm trying to find their marriage record to verify her maiden name.

Cindy Dickinson (cmdickiinson@cox.net)  5 June 2008
Olan John BOOKOUT married Maude Mae ____ on 23 Nov 1926 in  Eldorado, Butler Co., KS according to their divorce record. I'm trying to find their marriage record to verify her maiden name.

Ramona Pekarek (pekarekr@ties2.net)  2 June 2008
I am a descendent of Lars Eric and Anna Charlotta JANSSON/JOHNSON/LARSON. I am not sure if Lars is referred to as a LARSON, since his name in Swedish records is Lars Eric JANSSON, but my Grandfather said his father changed his name to LARSON when he immigrated to the U.S. I find him and his wife in other U.S. records as Lars and Charlotte JOHNSON.

Lars and Charlotte (JANSSON) apparently settled with their daughter Gustafva Charlotta, whose married name was WALLENSTROM, in the Salina KS area, probably about a mile north, according to my grandfather's journal. He is buried in Rosalia Cemetery.

Here is my family information:
Lars Eric JANSSON (Johnson/Larson)
b. 30 Jun 1830
Bo Parish, Orebro, Sweden
d. 1907 Salina KS bur. Rosalia
m. 9 Apr 1854 Bo Parish, Orebro, Sweden Anna Charlotta Pehrsdotter b. 16 Oct 1831 Bo Parish, Orebro, Sweden d. 27 Jan 1920 bur. where?
Hillhead SD

BIRTHS to Lars and Charlotte: Bo Parish Orebro Sweden

Axel Ludvig 30 Jul 1854
m. Hannah

***Gustafva Charlotta 27 Nov 1856
d. 11 Mar 1917 Salina KS

Johan Victor 8 Jan 1859

Sofia 15 May 1860
d. 5 Oct 1939
Lake Norden SD
m. Axel W. LUNDEEN

Emilia Augusta 25 Mar 1862

Elin Wilhelmina 26 Dec 1864
d. 28 Aug 1913 (murdered)
Faith (Bixby?) SD
m. ___ FOX (died before 1913)

Adolfina 6 Jul 1867

*Carl Henning 4 Mar 1873 (my grandfather)
d. 13 Mar 1949 Brookings SD

Alma Susanna 24 Sep 1875

Susan Doores (sgd@montana.com)  1 June 2008
Seek burial information/location for Anna Maria (PIKE) DOORES b. April 1868 KS and died 1917 MO; buried at El Dorado, Butler County Kansas.

Pat Klum (pakorrwk@verizon.net)  25 May 2008
Do any of the following names appear in your history?

  • SHAW, William W.

  • SHAW, Isaac

  • SHAW, Knowles/Noel

  • SHAW, Cyrus

  • SHAW, Elizabeth

  • SHAW, Mary

They are all siblings except for Mary who is their mother. Their birth
years range from 1829-1841, approximately. Many thanks for your help.

Bob Jones (bjones92119@yahoo.com)  29 April 2008
I am looking for the marriage record for Orland Johns HULL and Josephine Emma HULL of Rose Hill between 1905 and 1909.  She is listed with her parents W. A. and Martha Cutting on the 1905 Federal Census.  They were married in Rose Hill and continued to live there until 1925.  His father and mother Lewis Byram HULL and Lide HULL settled in the Eightmile Creek area in the 1870s and are buried in the Douglass Cemetery.  I would be interested also in any obit or other record of Lide's death in 1929.  Her true name was Emily Eliza (SINCLAIR) HULL.  Any help would be appreciated.

Marilyn Pickering (wnpick@msn.com)  15 April 2008
In 1930 census he was with the Railroad. Parents Edward M. ROBINSON & Ella E. (TROWBRIDGE) ROBINSON.
Would appreciate any help you might be able to give me.  Thank you

James Lord (jamestlord@charter.net)  27 March 2008
William Thomas Hobbs, born 1887 in Texas, He died 1944 in Kansas, He married Sarah Ellen Stockton, she was born 1889 in Oklahoma, She died 1961 in Kansas. Researching Family.

Liz Juhala-Borders (lizziev6@yahoo.com)  19 March 2008
Looking for cemeteries in the Butler County, Eldorado, Kansas area for Henry Martin Collins and family.

Bonnie McDermid (bonmcd@frii.com)  24 February 2008
Charles W. FAIR was my Great-Grandfather. He was married to Sarah ?? and had three daughters (Ada, Lucy & Geneva).  In the 1920 census he is living in  El Dorado, Butler County, Kansas with wife and two daughters, Lucy and Geneva.  The census also shows an infant girl whom Geneva is listed as the mother of.  CW was born in MO in 1856. In the late 1890's they were in Arkansas and then show on census records as living in Caldwell, Kansas  through 1910+.  Sarah shows on the California 1930 census living with Geneva and husband George STROUD in California and is listed as a widow.  Did CW die in El Dorado and if so, where is he buried? Thank you for your help.

Ruth Brown (gerrybrown1@aol.com)  19 February 2008
Needing information regarding the prairie fire that killed the two WIGGINS children buried in the Adams Family Cemetery, Potwin, Kansas.  The names and dates on the stones are Frank and James, year of death for both is listed 1880 on the cemetery listing.  However, the book by Elsie Higdon Smith, "Potwin Christian Church - a History" indicated the children were named Frankie and Elsie and that they died in 1868.  Amy Adams gave an interview to the local paper regarding the Adams Family Cemetery and she indicated that the children were named Jimmie and Elsie and that they died in 1898.  Their parents are Horace WIGGINS and Elizabeth Jane (PITZER) WIGGINS .   Any information about this family and the correct dates of death would be greatly appreciated.

Ann O'Hara (ann@rahughes.com)  13 February 2008
I'm am trying to find out more about My Great,Great,may, Great Aunt Zella LAMB.  I know that she was Kansas' first female elected official and that she was a teacher but in her retirement, she lived amongst the Navaho Indians and I'd love to find out more about that Thank You.

Cindy Morgan (gritgal@aol.com)  6 February 2008
My Great-Great-Grandparents,
Melvina THURSTON and William HOUSLEY were married in El Dorado on April 24, 1892.  Can you find a marriage license or anything on them?   I know he died very young. Any information would be wonderful!  Thank you very much for your time.

Jim Cook (jimc1942@cox.net)  13 January 2008
The 1880 census puts Isaac and wife Chaidy E., as living in Pleasant, Butler County, Kansas.  This would be my Great-Great-Grandfather.  Any information appreciated on either Isaac or Chaidy E. DILLON.

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