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Chase County

Census Index

Name Age Sex Color Birthplace City/Township Vol Sect Pg
Freeman, Anna B3FWIllinoisCedar Township40 10
Freeman, Caroline32FWIllinoisCedar Township40 10
Freeman, Henry39MWIllinoisCedar Township40 10
Freeman, Henry A13MWIllinoisCedar Township40 10
Freeman, Iva P15FWIllinoisCedar Township40 10
Freeman, Mable E6FWKansasCedar Township40 10
Freeman, Roy E9MWKansasCedar Township40 10
Frew, C L3FWKansasCity of Strong City421  8
Frew, I L6FWKansasCity of Strong City421  8
Frew, John36MWScotlandCity of Strong City421  8
Frew, L G28FWNew YorkCity of Strong City421  8
Frey, A M24FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 1
Frey, Carry7FWCaliforniaDiamond Creek Township40 1
Frey, F E4FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 3
Frey, F S49MWGermanyDiamond Creek Township40 1
Frey, J H46MWGermanyDiamond Creek Township40 3
Frey, L J24MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 1
Frey, Lena92FWWisconsinDiamond Creek Township40 1
Frey, M C7FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 3
Frey, M J12FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 3
Frey, O L10MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 3
Frey, R40FWUnknownDiamond Creek Township40 3
Frisby, A A42FWMassachusettsCity of Cottonwood Falls421  18
Frisby, C H16MWOhioCity of Cottonwood Falls421  18
Frisby, J E8MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  18
Frisby, J F42MWOhioCity of Cottonwood Falls421  18
Fritts, J27MWIndianaDiamond Creek Township40 30
Fritts, J P31MWIndianaDiamond Creek Township40 29
Fritts, J W6MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 30
Fritts, L V1MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 30
Fritts, M A3FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 30
Fritts, M J26FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 30
Fritts, M P9FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 30
Fritts, R J7MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 30
Fritz, A F33MWIndianaCity of Strong City421  17
Fritz, Andrew1MWKansasCity of Strong City422  28
Fritz, Aug60FWGermanyDiamond Creek Township40 9
Fritz, Carl7MWKansasCity of Strong City422  28
Fritz, Carolina39FWIndianaCity of Strong City422  28
Fritz, Carolina63FWGermanyCity of Strong City422  28
Fritz, Charley28MWIndianaCity of Strong City422  28
Fritz, Edwin8MWKansasCity of Strong City421  17
Fritz, Ella2FWKansasCity of Strong City421  17
Fritz, H S49MWGermanyCity of Cottonwood Falls421  4
Fritz, Helen35FWIndianaCity of Strong City422  28
Fritz, John11MWIndianaCity of Strong City422  28
Fritz, M A34FWGermanyCity of Cottonwood Falls421  4
Fritz, M J29FWOhioCity of Strong City421  17
Fritz, Martha26FWIndianaCity of Strong City422  28
Fritz, Martin4MWKansasCity of Strong City422  28
Fritz, Mike47MWGermanyDiamond Creek Township40 9
Fritz, Theadore9MWIndianaCity of Strong City422  28
Fritz, Theadore32MWIndianaCity of Strong City422  28
Fritz, William41MWIndianaCity of Strong City422  28
Fuller, L20FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 28
Furgison, C O37MWIllinoisCity of Cottonwood Falls421  16
Furman, G20MWVirginiaDiamond Creek Township40 9
Gaddie, Anna24FWKansasBazaar Township40 1
Gaddie, Blanche4FWKansasBazaar Township40 1
Gaddie, F W29MWKansasBazaar Township40 1
Gaddie, Harry3MWKansasBazaar Township40 1
Gaddie, Ulala1FWKansasBazaar Township40 1
Gamor, E F3MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 6
Gandey, C30MWKansasFalls Township41 7
Gandey, D30MWNorwayFalls Township41 7
Gannon, John44MWOhioFalls Township41 1
Gannon, Mary A28FWIrelandFalls Township41 1
Gardener, G W22MWKansasFalls Township41 16
Gardner, Albert39MWIllinoisCedar Township40 17
Gardner, Amanda35FWWest VirginiaCedar Township40 17
Gardner, Clarance1MWKansasCottonwood Township40 19
Gardner, Clarence16MWKansasCedar Township40 17
Gardner, Edward2MWNebraskaCedar Township40 17
Gardner, Elizabeth22FWOhioCottonwood Township40 19
Gardner, Floyd11MWKansasCedar Township40 17
Gardner, Guy5MWNebraskaCedar Township40 17
Gardner, Howard4MWNebraskaCedar Township40 17
Gardner, Lewis9MWKansasCedar Township40 17
Gardner, Roy8MWKansasCedar Township40 17
Gardner, Sheldon25MWIndianaCottonwood Township40 19
Gardner, Walter13MWKansasCedar Township40 17
Gardner, [infant]0.3FWKansasCottonwood Township40 19
Garner, George40MWPennsylvaniaFalls Township41 10
Garrison, Newt41MWIndianaFalls Township41 1
Garrison, [Mrs.]23FWPennsylvaniaFalls Township41 1
Garth, Anna64FWNorwayToledo Township41 7
Garth, Cry32MWNorwayToledo Township41 7
Garth, Ed32MWNorwayToledo Township41 7
Garth, M B26MWIowaToledo Township41 7
Garth, Ora21FWIowaToledo Township41 7
Garth, T E65MWNorwayToledo Township41 7
Gates, Elisebeth [Mrs.]59FWRussiaCity of Strong City421  4
Gates, John24MWRussiaCity of Strong City42 4
Gates, Lissey21FWRussiaCity of Strong City421  4
Gaurey, M E32FWIndianaCity of Cottonwood Falls421  16
Gause, Ann79FWOhioCedar Township40 19
Gause, Edith14FWKansasCedar Township40 19
Gause, Harnet48FWIndianaCedar Township40 19
Gause, L C26FWMarylandCottonwood Township40 18
Gause, Lieda18FWKansasCedar Township40 19