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Chase County

Census Index

Name Age Sex Color Birthplace City/Township Vol Sect Pg
Push, W P25MWNorth CarolinaCity of Cottonwood Falls421  13
Quigley, Mary19FWGermanyCedar Township40 22
Quigley, Mike24MWKansasCedar Township40 22
Quinn, A A2FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 13
Quinn, Bridget20FWIrelandFalls Township41 22
Quinn, Bridgit20FWIrelandDiamond Creek Township40 15
Quinn, E E5FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 13
Quinn, J M0.9FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 13
Quinn, J M13MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 13
Quinn, John11MWKansasFalls Township41 22
Quinn, Joseph14MWIrelandFalls Township41 22
Quinn, Lawrence18MWIrelandFalls Township41 22
Quinn, Lissie16FWIrelandFalls Township41 22
Quinn, M A31FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 13
Quinn, M M8FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 13
Quinn, M E20FWKansasFalls Township41 1
Quinn, M A51FWIrelandFalls Township41 22
Quinn, Mike42MWNew JerseyDiamond Creek Township40 13
Quinn, Peter26MWIrelandFalls Township41 22
Quinn, Thomas24MWOhioFalls Township41 1
Quinn, Thomas53MWIrelandFalls Township41 22
Quinn, Thomas22MWIrelandFalls Township41 22
Race, Alford20MWIllinoisCity of Strong City421  14
Race, C E48FWIllinoisCity of Strong City421  14
Race, C W14MWKansasCity of Strong City421  14
Race, Robert52MWKentuckyCity of Strong City421  14
Rafarty, Kete40FWIrelandCity of Cottonwood Falls421  1
Raleigh, Fredy E11MWKansasCity of Strong City422  27
Raleigh, L H35FWNew YorkCity of Strong City422  27
Raleigh, P J45MWIrelandCity of Strong City422  27
Raleigh, T M8FWKansasCity of Strong City422  27
Ralfus, Anna12FWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  14
Ralfus, B38FWKentuckyCity of Cottonwood Falls421  14
Ralfus, Bessie14FWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  14
Ralfus, Earl1MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  14
Ralfus, Fred9MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  14
Ralfus, J R40MWKentuckyCity of Cottonwood Falls421  14
Ralfus, P H17MWKentuckyCity of Cottonwood Falls421  14
Ramsey, A G5FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 17
Ramsey, A H9MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 17
Ramsey, J L34MWOhioDiamond Creek Township40 17
Ramsey, Lilly12FWKansasCity of Strong City421  17
Ramsey, M30FWWest VirginiaDiamond Creek Township40 17
Ramsey, M38MWOhioDiamond Creek Township40 17
Ramsey, Mary2FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 17
Ramsey, Molley34FWNorth CarolinaCity of Strong City421  17
Ramsey, S72FWPennsylvaniaDiamond Creek Township40 17
Ramsey, Susie7FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 17
Ramsey, W G14MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 17
Ramsey, W S43MWIndianaCity of Strong City421  17
Ramsey, Wm36MWOhioDiamond Creek Township40 17
Randall, Enoch45MWIllinoisBazaar Township40 3
Randall, J W30MWKansasBazaar Township40 1
Randell, A32FWIllinoisDiamond Creek Township40 17
Randell, F C30MWIllinoisDiamond Creek Township40 17
Randell, S78FWTennesseeDiamond Creek Township40 17
Randless, F M32MWKansasFalls Township41 11
Randless, P68FWOhioFalls Township41 11
Ranier, Gorge24MWKentuckyCity of Strong City421  6
Rank, Allin I7MWKansasCottonwood Township40 21
Rank, Beatrice M3FWKansasCottonwood Township40 21
Rank, G W38MWPennsylvaniaCottonwood Township40 21
Rank, Garcia A12FWIllinoisCottonwood Township40 21
Rank, J W38MWPennsylvaniaCedar Township40 19
Rank, Nelda A11FWIllinoisCottonwood Township40 21
Rannells, C S40MWOhioCottonwood Township40 13
Rannells, L G31FWIllinoisCottonwood Township40 13
Ransford, J M20MWKansasFalls Township41 11
Ransford, J W30MWIndianaFalls Township41 11
Ransford, Leroy12MWKansasFalls Township41 11
Rattler, Rosey23FBTennesseeCity of Strong City421  10
Rattler, William35MBGeorgiaCity of Strong City421  10
Rawley, Wm27MWOhioFalls Township41 1
Rawlins, Anna Jane11FWKansasCity of Strong City421  19
Rawlins, Ellen30FWWalesCity of Strong City421  19
Rawlins, Fredy6MWKansasCity of Strong City421  19
Rawlins, Thomas40MWEnglandCity of Strong City421  19
Rawlins, William25MWWalesCity of Strong City421  19
Rawlins, Winne14FWKansasCity of Strong City421  19
Raymer, E A54FWOhioCity of Cottonwood Falls421  14
Raymer, T C49MWKentuckyCity of Cottonwood Falls421  14
Raymond, A K7FWMissouriFalls Township41 12
Raymond, E J39MWEnglandFalls Township41 12
Raymond, E37FWScotlandFalls Township41 12
Raymond, E A4MWKansasFalls Township41 12
Raymond, J E16MWEnglandFalls Township41 12
Raymond, J H9MWKansasFalls Township41 12
Ream, Lura19FWKansasToledo Township41 1
Rebber, J H30MWGermanyDiamond Creek Township40 6
Reckenbark, Carolina25FWGermanyCity of Strong City421  1
Rector, Alferd67MWMissouriMatfield Township41 6
Rector, Floyd2MWKansasMatfield Township41 6
Rector, Louisa31FWMissouriMatfield Township41 6
Rector, Thos27MWMissouriMatfield Township41 6
Rector, Wm T0.3MWKansasMatfield Township41 6
Redford, Hatty15FWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls422  22
Reed, Birda5FWKansasCottonwood Township40 12
Reed, Edeth7FWMissouriCottonwood Township40 12
Reed, Estella30FWMissouriCottonwood Township40 12
Reed, J A37MWMissouriDiamond Creek Township40 3