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Chase County

Census Index

Name Age Sex Color Birthplace City/Township Vol Sect Pg
Reed, L B24FWMissouriDiamond Creek Township40 3
Reed, R M B C0.8FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 3
Reed, S F3FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 3
Reed, W C34MWMissouriCottonwood Township40 12
Reed, [infant]0.4FWKansasCottonwood Township40 12
Reehlin, C4MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 25
Reehlin, Ervin1MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 26
Reehling, C E36MWGermanyDiamond Creek Township40 25
Reehling, M35FWNew YorkDiamond Creek Township40 25
Reese, C8MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 13
Reese, E53MWOhioDiamond Creek Township40 13
Reese, F11FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 13
Reese, J4MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 13
Reese, M S45FWMissouriDiamond Creek Township40 13
Reese, N6FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 13
Reeve, Andrew10MWIllinoisFalls Township41 2
Reeves, Jula A63FWPennsylvaniaFalls Township41 2
Regles, E63MWOhioFalls Township41 16
Regles, F M33MWIllinoisFalls Township41 16
Regles, G57FWOhioFalls Township41 16
Regles, M K31MWIllinoisFalls Township41 16
Reidel, Anna6FWKansasMatfield Township41 1
Reidel, Carrie31FWAustriaMatfield Township41 1
Reidel, Charlie3MWKansasMatfield Township41 1
Reidel, Leonard9MWKansasMatfield Township41 1
Reidel, Thomas43MWAustriaMatfield Township41 1
Reifsnyder, A K21FWRussiaCity of Strong City422  26
Reifsnyder, Anna0.8FWKansasCity of Strong City422  26
Reifsnyder, Anna3FWKansasCity of Strong City421  11
Reifsnyder, D M35MWPennsylvaniaCity of Strong City421  11
Reifsnyder, Eva30FWIllinoisCity of Strong City421  11
Reifsnyder, J A33MWPennsylvaniaCity of Strong City422  26
Reifsnyder, Ketty7FWKansasCity of Strong City421  11
Reifsnyder, Willie9MWKansasCity of Strong City421  11
Reinhard, James16MWKansasMatfield Township41 6
Remey, C A11MWKansasCity of Strong City421  18
Remey, E A35FWIllinoisCity of Cottonwood Falls421  15
Remey, E B35MWKentuckyCity of Strong City421  18
Remey, H V3MWKansasCity of Strong City421  18
Remey, R E7MWKansasCity of Strong City421  18
Remey, S A28FWMissouriCity of Strong City421  18
Remey, W20FWMissouriCity of Cottonwood Falls421  15
Remy, A11MWFranceCity of Cottonwood Falls42 8
Remy, A G35FWFranceCity of Cottonwood Falls42 8
Remy, J A39MWFranceCity of Cottonwood Falls42 8
Remy, J R36MWFranceCity of Cottonwood Falls42 8
Remy, M6FWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls42 8
Remy, P35FWFranceCity of Cottonwood Falls42 8
Replogler, E D34MWPennsylvaniaCity of Cottonwood Falls421  3
Replogler, G B1MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  3
Replogler, M B28FWOhioCity of Cottonwood Falls421  3
Rettiger, Barber49FWGermanyCity of Strong City421  22
Rettiger, Charles5MWKansasCity of Strong City421  1
Rettiger, Clara11FWKansasCity of Strong City421  22
Rettiger, David45MWVirginiaCity of Strong City421  1
Rettiger, Ervin3MWKansasCity of Strong City421  1
Rettiger, Hubert7MWKansasCity of Strong City421  1
Rettiger, Joseph23MWKansasCity of Strong City421  22
Rettiger, M S5FWKansasCity of Strong City421  1
Rettiger, Mary B25FWKansasCity of Strong City421  22
Rettiger, Rose31FWScotlandCity of Strong City421  1
Rettiger, Rosey13FWKansasCity of Strong City421  22
Rettiger, William52MWVirginiaCity of Strong City421  22
Rettiger, Willie20MWKansasCity of Strong City421  22
Rettinger, Cathren51FWFranceCity of Strong City422  28
Rettinger, E A21FWKansasCity of Strong City422  28
Rettinger, E M19FWKansasCity of Strong City422  28
Rettinger, M T12FWKansasCity of Strong City422  28
Rettinger, W P28MWKansasCity of Strong City422  28
Reynolds, E M7FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 24
Reynolds, J49MWOhioDiamond Creek Township40 24
Reynolds, J M5FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 24
Reynolds, S M42FWKentuckyDiamond Creek Township40 24
Rhodes, C C53MWPennsylvaniaCity of Strong City421  11
Rhodes, D E18MWMichiganDiamond Creek Township40 3
Rhodes, E J16MWMichiganDiamond Creek Township40 1
Rhodes, Leola6FWKansasCity of Strong City421  11
Rhodes, Maybell9FWKansasCity of Strong City421  11
Rhodes, S V32FWKentuckyCity of Strong City421  11
Rich, Arminda B65FWNew JerseyCottonwood Township40 21
Rich, Bertha M23FWIllinoisCottonwood Township40 21
Rich, W M65MWNew YorkCottonwood Township40 21
Richards, A T27FWOhioDiamond Creek Township40 29
Richards, A P6FWKansasMatfield Township41 5
Richards, A D42MWKentuckyCity of Strong City422  25
Richards, Arther3FWKansasCity of Strong City422  25
Richards, B R52MWDelawareDiamond Creek Township40 29
Richards, Cecil13MWKansasMatfield Township41 5
Richards, D H53MWKentuckyMatfield Township41 5
Richards, E B28MWOhioCity of Strong City421  22
Richards, E F2FWKansasCity of Strong City421  22
Richards, G F2MWKansasCity of Strong City421  12
Richards, G M10FWKansasCity of Strong City421  22
Richards, H L47FWMassachusettsDiamond Creek Township40 29
Richards, I20FWOhioDiamond Creek Township40 30
Richards, J B19MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 29
Richards, J C40FWKentuckyMatfield Township41 5
Richards, Jas23MWKansasMatfield Township41 15
Richards, Lizzie17FWKansasMatfield Township41 15
Richards, Luther16MWKansasMatfield Township41 5