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Chase County

Census Index

Name Age Sex Color Birthplace City/Township Vol Sect Pg
Roberts, H N40MWIllinoisCity of Strong City421  9
Roberts, John16MWIllinoisMatfield Township41 14
Roberts, Joseph23MWIllinoisMatfield Township41 14
Roberts, L N10MWKansasFalls Township41 28
Roberts, M F8MWKansasFalls Township41 28
Roberts, M E31FWIllinoisCity of Strong City421  9
Roberts, N E44FWKentuckyFalls Township41 28
Roberts, Otto20MWKansasFalls Township41 28
Roberts, Richard11MWNebraskaMatfield Township41 14
Roberts, Samuel21MWWalesFalls Township41 21
Roberts, Susan47FWMissouriMatfield Township41 14
Roberts, Susan13FWNebraskaMatfield Township41 14
Roberts, Thomes13MWWalesFalls Township41 21
Roberts, Thos5MWKansasMatfield Township41 14
Roberts, Wesley51MWIllinoisMatfield Township41 14
Roberts, Wesley2MWKansasMatfield Township41 14
Roberts, Winfield20MWIllinoisMatfield Township41 14
Robertson, Elisebeth53FWScotlandFalls Township41 23
Robertson, Ellen22FWScotlandFalls Township41 23
Robertson, Gorge29MWScotlandFalls Township41 23
Robertson, James51MWScotlandFalls Township41 23
Robertson, Vina21FWKansasFalls Township41 23
Robins, J M24MWOhioCity of Cottonwood Falls421  18
Robins, L19FWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  18
Robins, Ralph0.5MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  18
Robinson, Andy31MWIndianaCity of Cottonwood Falls42 10
Robinson, C A28MWOhioCity of Strong City421  22
Robinson, E25FWMissouriCity of Cottonwood Falls42 10
Robinson, E L37MWOhioCity of Cottonwood Falls42 8
Robinson, F P46MBKentuckyCity of Strong City421  13
Robinson, G M20FWKansasCity of Strong City421  22
Robinson, H B12FWOhioCity of Cottonwood Falls42 8
Robinson, H M35FWOhioCity of Cottonwood Falls42 8
Robinson, Lucile4FWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls42 8
Robinson, Rolla36FBKentuckyCity of Strong City421  13
Robison, Joseph47MWMissouriCottonwood Township40 28
Robison, M E48FWMissouriCottonwood Township40 28
Rockwood, Anna23FWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  12
Rockwood, C G32MWWisconsinCity of Cottonwood Falls421  12
Rockwood, E F21MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  12
Rockwood, H L27MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  12
Rockwood, M J57FWWisconsinCity of Cottonwood Falls421  12
Rockwood, M L17FWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  12
Rockwood, W W63MWNew YorkCity of Cottonwood Falls421  12
Rogler, Adaline9FWKansasCity of Matfield Green42 5
Rogler, Albert24MWKansasMatfield Township41 12
Rogler, Anna1FWKansasMatfield Township41 8
Rogler, E M32FWWisconsinMatfield Township41 8
Rogler, E7FWKansasCity of Matfield Green42 5
Rogler, Emily9FWKansasMatfield Township41 8
Rogler, Emma20FWKansasMatfield Township41 12
Rogler, Flossie20FWIndianaMatfield Township41 12
Rogler, Henry18MWKansasMatfield Township41 12
Rogler, James44MWSaxonyCity of Matfield Green42 5
Rogler, Jennie14FWKansasMatfield Township41 12
Rogler, L C45MWSMEIMatfield Township41 8
Rogler, L7FWKansasMatfield Township41 8
Rogler, Mary49FWIndianaMatfield Township41 12
Rogler, Maud11FWKansasMatfield Township41 8
Rogler, Nettie35FWOhioCity of Matfield Green42 5
Rollins, E39FWIndianaDiamond Creek Township40 28
Rollins, J C4MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 28
Rollins, W T6MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 28
Rollins, W W49MWIndianaDiamond Creek Township40 28
Romer, Douglass35MWIllinoisCottonwood Township40 17
Rommel, D L84MWNew JerseyFalls Township41 14
Rommel, M L50FWNew JerseyFalls Township41 14
Roney, D M57FWOhioCity of Cottonwood Falls421  17
Roney, Fraddie13MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  17
Roney, Othelia24FWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  17
Roney, W S63MWOhioCity of Cottonwood Falls421  17
Roney, Wm22MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  17
Roniger, Anna7FWKansasFalls Township41 10
Roniger, C C22MWIllinoisFalls Township41 10
Roniger, Charles81MWGermanyFalls Township41 10
Roniger, Elisabeth45FWGermanyFalls Township41 10
Roniger, F A49MWGermanyFalls Township41 10
Roniger, Frank12MWIllinoisFalls Township41 10
Roniger, Fritz15MWIllinoisFalls Township41 10
Roniger, Gorge10MWIllinoisFalls Township41 10
Roniger, Katey2FWKansasFalls Township41 10
Roniger, Lenny4MWKansasFalls Township41 10
Roniger, Mary20FWIllinoisFalls Township41 10
Root, Ida31FWIndianaCedar Township40 24
Root, [?]30MWOhioCedar Township40 24
Rose, C M28MWOhioDiamond Creek Township40 27
Rose, H A27MWOhioCity of Cottonwood Falls42 10
Rose, H E2MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls42 10
Rose, J M55MWOhioDiamond Creek Township40 26
Rose, M E48FWOhioDiamond Creek Township40 26
Rose, M E25FWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls42 10
Rose, Mark1MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 27
Rose, S22FWIndianaDiamond Creek Township40 27
Rosebaugh, A34MWIndianaMatfield Township41 4
Rosebaugh, Emma29FWIndianaMatfield Township41 4
Rosebaugh, Mabel A2FWKansasMatfield Township41 4
Rosebaugh, Roy S4MWKansasMatfield Township41 4
Rowlans, Thomas40MWEnglandCity of Strong City421  19
Ruly, Hester A31FWKentuckyCottonwood Township40 3
Ruly, John38MWOhioCottonwood Township40 3