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Chase County

Census Index

Name Age Sex Color Birthplace City/Township Vol Sect Pg
Slabaugh, Elmer A13MWKansasCedar Township40 23
Slabaugh, Ester E5FWKansasCedar Township40 23
Slabaugh, Henry E14MWKansasCedar Township40 23
Slabaugh, Lucetta B10FWKansasCedar Township40 23
Slabaugh, Maria38FWOhioCedar Township40 23
Slabaugh, Mary E13FWKansasCedar Township40 23
Slabaugh, S T38MWOhioCedar Township40 23
Slotts, K E4MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 26
Slotts, L R6MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 26
Slotts, R P26FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 26
Slotts, W R32MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 26
Small, Agness1FBKansasCity of Strong City421  6
Small, Amanda36FBMissouriCity of Strong City421  6
Small, Arther4MBKansasCity of Strong City421  6
Small, Ead46MBKentuckyCity of Strong City421  6
Small, Eaddey7MBKansasCity of Strong City421  6
Small, Sadia13FBKansasCity of Strong City421  6
Smethers, D19FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 19
Smethers, F25MWIndianaDiamond Creek Township40 19
Smidthman, L19MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 6
Smith, A H40MWIndianaFalls Township41 3
Smith, C O7MWMissouriDiamond Creek Township40 17
Smith, Caroline35FWWest VirginiaCedar Township40 22
Smith, Claude6MWKansasCedar Township40 22
Smith, D M19MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls42 10
Smith, E E5FWMissouriDiamond Creek Township40 17
Smith, E R22MWMissouriCity of Cottonwood Falls421  15
Smith, Elisabeth47FWGermanyCity of Strong City421  11
Smith, Ernest10MWKansasCedar Township40 22
Smith, Fred10MWKansasCity of Strong City421  11
Smith, Fred56MWCanadaCity of Strong City421  7
Smith, G L8MWKansasFalls Township41 3
Smith, G W30MBMarylandCity of Strong City421  13
Smith, Geo18MWIndianaBazaar Township40 10
Smith, George26MWKansasCedar Township40 6
Smith, H M25FWMassachusettsCity of Cottonwood Falls42 10
Smith, Hariet C77FWCanadaCity of Strong City421  7
Smith, Herbert22MWNew YorkCity of Strong City422  24
Smith, I N37MWWest VirginiaCedar Township40 22
Smith, Isibel32FBVirginiaCity of Strong City421  13
Smith, J C34MWWest VirginiaDiamond Creek Township40 4
Smith, J F8MWKansasFalls Township41 3
Smith, J B25MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls42 10
Smith, Jane24FWWest VirginiaDiamond Creek Township40 4
Smith, Jellie3FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 4
Smith, Jesse W23MWMissouriCottonwood Township40 6
Smith, Jessie11MWMarylandCity of Strong City421  13
Smith, John22MWIndianaBazaar Township40 10
Smith, John7MWKansasCity of Strong City421  11
Smith, L M9FWKansasFalls Township41 3
Smith, Lew9MBMarylandCity of Strong City421  13
Smith, M A54FWEnglandCity of Strong City421  7
Smith, Mary6FWWest VirginiaDiamond Creek Township40 4
Smith, Mary A49FWMichiganCity of Cottonwood Falls42 10
Smith, Mattey25FWIllinoisCity of Strong City422  26
Smith, Maud13FWKansasCity of Strong City421  7
Smith, N J36FWIndianaFalls Township41 3
Smith, N R70FBVirginiaCity of Strong City421  10
Smith, Ora5FWKansasCedar Township40 22
Smith, Paul6MWKansasFalls Township41 3
Smith, Paul49MWGermanyCity of Strong City421  11
Smith, Paulena4FWKansasCity of Strong City422  26
Smith, Peter24MWPennsylvaniaCity of Strong City422  26
Smith, Robert11MWKansasFalls Township41 3
Smith, S E28FWMissouriDiamond Creek Township40 17
Smith, S C26MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls42 10
Smith, W H34MWOhioCottonwood Township40 18
Smith, W A33MWIllinoisDiamond Creek Township40 17
Smithers, H N55MWIndianaCottonwood Township40 18
Smithers, Jane56FWIndianaCottonwood Township40 18
Smithers, Minnie14FWIndianaCottonwood Township40 18
Smithers, Wm27MWIndianaCottonwood Township40 18
Snade, J D45MWOhioDiamond Creek Township40 7
Snade, W F35MWOhioDiamond Creek Township40 7
Snavley, A B18FWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  6
Snavley, Henry33MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  6
Snavley, Mary E51FWOhioCity of Cottonwood Falls421  6
Snavley, Stella14FWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  6
Snedegar, Audra6FWKansasCity of Matfield Green42 4
Snedegar, Curtis2MWKansasCity of Matfield Green42 4
Snedegar, Ella25FWKansasCity of Matfield Green42 4
Snedegar, Elma0.3FWKansasCity of Matfield Green42 4
Snedegar, Jessie8FWKansasCity of Matfield Green42 4
Snedegar, Whitney4MWKansasCity of Matfield Green42 4
Snedegar, Wm33MWMissouriCity of Matfield Green42 4
Snisea, L17FWMissouriDiamond Creek Township40 24
Snisea, M28MWIllinoisDiamond Creek Township40 24
Snoden, E F28MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 11
Snyder, Cora E31FWMassachusettsCottonwood Township40 22
Snyder, H C50MWPennsylvaniaCottonwood Township40 14
Snyder, James S10MWKansasCottonwood Township40 22
Snyder, Mary50FWPennsylvaniaCottonwood Township40 14
Spain, Agnes9FWKansasCedar Township40 19
Spain, Alonzo5MWKansasCedar Township40 19
Spain, Charly13MWIllinoisCedar Township40 19
Spain, Elmer3MWKansasCedar Township40 19
Spain, George1MWKansasCedar Township40 20
Spain, J C37MWIllinoisCedar Township40 19
Spain, Jessie34FWScotlandCedar Township40 19
Spain, Lydia6FWKansasCedar Township40 19