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Chase County

Census Index

Name Age Sex Color Birthplace City/Township Vol Sect Pg
Watson, James E2MWKansasCity of Strong City421  12
Watson, James L39MWMissouriCity of Strong City421  12
Watson, John32MWMissouriCity of Matfield Green42 6
Watson, Lorance27MWIowaCity of Strong City422  27
Watson, Louis A20FWKansasCottonwood Township40 23
Watson, Lula N5FWKansasCottonwood Township40 25
Watson, R S19FWMissouriCity of Strong City422  27
Watson, R W18MWKansasCity of Cottonwood Falls421  1
Watson, Ralf L2MWKansasCottonwood Township40 25
Watson, Rena E18FWKansasCottonwood Township40 23
Watson, S C50MWIndianaCottonwood Township40 23
Watson, S J55FWPennsylvaniaCity of Cottonwood Falls421  12
Watson, S P60MWMissouriCity of Strong City421  12
Watson, W M55MWIndianaBazaar Township40 12
Watson, Walter F3MWKansasCottonwood Township40 25
Watson, Warren I10MWKansasCottonwood Township40 23
Watson, Wheelar L12MWKansasCottonwood Township40 23
Watson, Willie6MWKansasCity of Strong City421  12
Watson, [infant]0.1FWKansasCottonwood Township40 25
Watts, Lucy3FWKansasBazaar Township40 6
Watts, Luella H36FWKansasBazaar Township40 6
Watts, Mary6FWKansasBazaar Township40 6
Watts, R E8MWKansasBazaar Township40 6
Watts, S A39MWKansasBazaar Township40 6
Way, G G30MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 11
Way, I M2FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 11
Way, M E28FWEnglandDiamond Creek Township40 11
Way, M K [Miss]7FWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 11
Weber, J H25MWIllinoisCedar Township40 24
Weber, Kate24FWGermanyCedar Township40 24
Webster, Bertha15FWIllinoisCottonwood Township40 16
Webster, C G15MWKansasFalls Township41 10
Webster, E M7FWKansasFalls Township41 10
Webster, F M44MWIndianaCottonwood Township40 16
Webster, Flora7FWKansasCottonwood Township40 16
Webster, G H38MWIllinoisFalls Township41 10
Webster, Henry4MWKansasCottonwood Township40 16
Webster, M E31FWIllinoisFalls Township41 10
Webster, M L4FWKansasFalls Township41 10
Webster, Mary L34FWIllinoisCottonwood Township40 16
Webster, Q E1FWKansasFalls Township41 10
Wehrenberg, Edith4FWKansasBazaar Township40 4
Wehrenberg, Henry43MWGermanyBazaar Township40 4
Wehrenberg, Johanna33FWGermanyBazaar Township40 4
Wehrenberg, Martha5FWKansasBazaar Township40 4
Wehrenberg, Mary2FWKansasBazaar Township40 4
Weibrecht, Anna10FWKansasCity of Strong City422  29
Weibrecht, Gertie4FWKansasCity of Strong City422  29
Weibrecht, Mary2FWKansasCity of Strong City422  29
Weibrecht, Theresa8FWKansasCity of Strong City422  29
Weichans, Julius5MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 26
Weichans, M8MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 26
Weichans, R49MWGermanyDiamond Creek Township40 26
Weichold, A C15FWGermanyDiamond Creek Township40 12
Weichold, A F52FWGermanyDiamond Creek Township40 12
Weichold, H58MWGermanyDiamond Creek Township40 12
Weichold, M B22MWGermanyDiamond Creek Township40 12
Weichold, M C12MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 12
Weichold, S A17FWGermanyDiamond Creek Township40 12
Weller, Dick30MWIllinoisMatfield Township41 17
Weller, John70MWIllinoisMatfield Township41 17
Weller, Wm32MWIllinoisMatfield Township41 17
Wells, J J72MWEnglandDiamond Creek Township40 11
Wells, T R26FWEnglandDiamond Creek Township40 11
Welty, I E27MWIndianaCedar Township40 11
Welty, Lula V0.1FWKansasCedar Township40 11
Welty, M J25FWOhioCedar Township40 11
Westbrook, Elsie4FWKansasCity of Strong City421  11
Westbrook, Levi40MWCanadaCity of Strong City421  11
Westbrook, Marian22FWNebraskaCity of Strong City421  11
Westby, Carrie25FWIllinoisCedar Township40 5
Westby, Florence4FWKansasCedar Township40 5
Westby, Francis0.2FWKansasCedar Township40 5
Westby, John34MWIndianaCedar Township40 5
Westby, May2FWKansasCedar Township40 5
Westby, Mittie11FWKansasCedar Township40 5
Weston, Bertha16FWKansasCedar Township40 13
Weston, Edith18FWMissouriCedar Township40 13
Weston, Geo C25MWMissouriCedar Township40 13
Weston, L46FWPennsylvaniaCedar Township40 13
Weston, Mable11FWKansasCedar Township40 13
Westover, Chris18MWKansasDiamond Creek Township40 26
Westpell, Eada17FWKansasCity of Strong City421  17
Wette, Albert20MWIllinoisCity of Matfield Green42 6
Wette, Joe22MWIllinoisCity of Matfield Green42 6
Wette, Katie17FWMissouriCity of Matfield Green42 6
Wette, Lee8MWKansasCity of Matfield Green42 6
Wette, Mary11FWMissouriCity of Matfield Green42 6
Wette, Mary41FWIndianaCity of Matfield Green42 6
Wheelar [wheeler], B J41MWMassachusettsCottonwood Township40 25
Wheelar [wheeler], E P62FWNew JerseyCottonwood Township40 24
Wheelar [wheeler], Hattie34FWNew YorkCottonwood Township40 25
Wheelar [wheeler], J H37MWMassachusettsCottonwood Township40 25
Wheelar [wheeler], J S63MWMassachusettsCottonwood Township40 24
Wheelar [wheeler], Lollie40FWIllinoisCottonwood Township40 25
Whetherholt, B E33MWWest VirginiaCedar Township40 8
Whetherholt, Rosa5FWKansasCedar Township40 8
Whetherholt, Sarah25FWEnglandCedar Township40 8
While, Carl E3MWKansasCottonwood Township40 5
While, D O32MWPennsylvaniaCottonwood Township40 5