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Chase County
Dr. C. L. Conaway's
Patient List

1903 - 1912

Dr. C. L. Conaway's Patient List, 1903 - 1912

Taken from Dr. Conaway's Probate File. This list is Patients oweing him money as of the date of his probate. It includes the Patients name, amount oweing, address, and Last Date seen. Abstracted and Indexed by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host

File Name Name From Name To
File A Allmon Ayers
File B Bailey Byram
File C Campbell Curtis
File D Dancer Dunkin
File E Eads Evans
File F Fann Fritz
File G Gaddie Guthrie
File H Hackett Hunter
File IJK Ingersoll Kugler
File L Lamb Lutz
File M Mahan Myers
File NOP Newby Preston
File QR Quick Rymer
File S Saker Sullivan
File TVWZ Taylor Zickafoose

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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