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Chase County Elected Officials Index

1877 - 2002

Chase County Elected Officials
compiled, abstracted and indexed by your Chase County Coordinator/Host, Lorna Marvin

Position Surname Given Name Year Page
Commissioner  Griffiths David 1877 Co1
Commissioner  Pinkston E W 1877 Co1
Commissioner  Swayze N J 1877 Co1
Commissioner  Baker Samuel 1878 Co1
Commissioner  Pinkston E Q 1878 Co1
Commissioner  Swayze N J 1878 Co1
Commissioner  Baker Samuel 1879 Co1
Commissioner  Pinkston E W 1879 Co1
Commissioner  Tuttle J M 1879 Co1
Commissioner  Baker Samuel 1880 Co1
Commissioner  Jeffrey P C 1880 Co1
Commissioner  Tuttle J M 1880 Co1
Commissioner  Jeffrey P C 1881 Co2
Commissioner  Jones Aaron 1881 Co2
Commissioner  Tuttle JM 1881 Co2
Commissioner  Miller Arch Miller 1882 Co2
Commissioner  Hunt M E 1883 Co2
Commissioner  Baker Edward L 1884 Co2
Commissioner  Baker E T 1885 Co3
Commissioner  Hunt M E 1885 Co3
Commissioner  Tuttle J M 1885 Co3
Commissioner  Harris Wm 1886 Co3
Commissioner  Ford C S 1887 Co3
Commissioner  Holsinger W H 1888 Co3
Commissioner  Nichol J C 1890 Co4
Commissioner  Kirker J F 1891 Co4
Commissioner  Sidener N E 1892 Co4
Commissioner  McCaskill John 1893 Co5
Commissioner  Maule C L 1894 Co5
Commissioner  Wood W A 1895 Co5
Commissioner  Kelly John 1896 Co5
Commissioner  LaLoge Frank 1898 Co6
Commissioner  Daugherty W J 1899 Co6
Commissioner  Fisher J C 1899 Co6
Commissioner  Houser George   1899 Co6
Commissioner  Kelley John 1899 Co6
Commissioner  Evans W P 1900 Co6
Commissioner  Fisher J C 1900 Co6
Commissioner  Houser Geo 1900 Co6
Commissioner  Evans W P 1901 Co7
Commissioner  Houser Geo 1901 Co7
Commissioner  Sauble John 1901 Co7
Commissioner  Evans W P 1902 Co7
Commissioner  Makemson John 1902 Co7
Commissioner  Sauble J C 1902 Co7
Commissioner  Duehn Louis 1904 Co7
Commissioner  Evans W P 1904 Co7
Commissioner  Makemson John 1904 Co7
Commissioner  White D J 1904 Co7
Commissioner  Allen E P 1906 Co7
Commissioner  Gosler N 1906 Co7
Commissioner  Allen E P 1908 Co8
Commissioner  Stout J E 1908 Co8
Commissioner  Allen E P 1910 Co8
Commissioner  Yeager C D 1910 Co8
Commissioner  Harbour Henry 1912 Co8
Commissioner  McDowell C H 1912 Co8
Commissioner  Stewart Frank 1914 Co8
Commissioner  White D J 1916 Co9
Commissioner  Willey Fred 1916 Co9
Commissioner  Wagoner H  1918 Co9
Commissioner  Willey F H 1918 Co9
Commissioner  Blackburn R Z 1920 Co9
Commissioner  Pracht Fritz 1920 Co9
Commissioner  North Clarence 1922 Co9
Commissioner  Nickolson D T 1924 Co10
Commissioner  Triemer Otto 1924 Co10
Commissioner  Yeager S A 1926 Co10
Commissioner  Patton N M 1928 Co10
Commissioner  Starkey Jessie 1928 Co10
Commissioner  Deering Arthur 1930 Co10
Commissioner  Johnson A E 1930 Co10
Commissioner  Deering A L 1932 Co11
Commissioner  Grimwood Graham H 1932 Co11
Commissioner  Kirk   Victor 1934 Co11
Commissioner  Gibb John 1936 Co11
Commissioner  Miller Geo 1936 Co11
Commissioner  Deitrick W J 1938 Co11
Commissioner  McKittrick W D "Guess" 1940 Co12
Commissioner  Rettiger Charles D 1940 Co12
Commissioner  Bocook E R 1942 Co12
Commissioner  Cahoone S J 1944 Co12
Commissioner  Odle Albert 1944 Co12
Commissioner  Selves Wm 1946 Co12
Commissioner  Dawson Carl O 1948 Co13
Commissioner  Roberts E C 1948 Co13
Commissioner  North Tom 1950 Co13
Commissioner  Drake Bertha 1952 Co13
Commissioner  Mott Gilbert 1952 Co13
Commissioner  Bell Paul 1954 Co13
Commissioner  Baker M W 1956 Co14
Commissioner  Stubenhofer Karl   1956 Co14
Commissioner  McClellan John I 1958 Co14
Commissioner  Barrett Richard 1960 Co14
Commissioner  Trussell L A 1960 Co14
Commissioner  Selves Charles 1962 Co14
Commissioner  Ballew Arthur 1964 Co15
Commissioner  Johnson John B 1964 Co15
Commissioner  Talkington Harold   1966 Co15
Commissioner  Ballew Arthur 1968 Co15
Commissioner  Koegeboehn Paul 1968 Co15
Commissioner  Scott Ted 1970 Co15
Commissioner  Fetrow Harry M 1972 Co16
Commissioner  Schwilling Russell 1972 Co16
Commissioner  Klenk Ted 1974 Co16
Commissioner  Simmons H Nelson 1974 Co16
Commissioner  Fetrow Harry M 1976 Co16
Commissioner  Simmons H Nelson 1976 Co16
Commissioner  Yeager William J 1978 Co16
Commissioner  Beaver George J 1980 Co17
Commissioner  Fankhouser Verne 1980 Co17
Commissioner  Shaw Max 1982 Co17
Commissioner  Schwilling Russell 1984 Co17
Commissioner  Spain G R Jack 1984 Co17
Commissioner  Olsen Frances 1986 Co17
Commissioner  Wells Harold K 1988 Co18
Commissioner  Yeager William J 1988 Co18
Commissioner  Olsen Frances 1990 Co18
Commissioner  Jones M Paul 1992 Co18
Commissioner  Maddox Dennis 1992 Co18
Commissioner  Armstrong Adelbert A 1994 Co18
Commissioner  Griffin Edgar O 1996 Co19
Commissioner  Jones M Paul 1996 Co19
Commissioner  Armstrong Adelbert A 1998 Co19
Commissioner  Bruch Gary D 1998 Co19
Commissioner  Bruch Gary D 2000 Co19
Commissioner  Griffin Edgar O 2000 Co19
Commissioner  Phipps Alan L 2002 Co19

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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