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Volume II - Bray - Brigam

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Bray Bettie 41,103 II
Bray Burials 303 II
Bray Carrie 41 II
Bray Clara 195 II
Bray Daniel 41 II
Bray Dave 51 II
Bray David  41 II
Bray Earl 195,300 II
Bray Earl Cope 405 II
Bray Earl W 25 II
Bray Eliza 41 II
Bray Ellen  40 II
Bray Ellen Mrs 89 II
Bray Francis 300,405, II
Bray Francis E 25 II
Bray Geo 89 II
Bray George 103 II
Bray George W 40 II
Bray Georgianna 41 II
Bray James 41 II
Bray John 41 II
Bray Martin 41 II
Bray Rachel 41 II
Bray Rosa 41 II
Bray Roy 41 II
Bray Samuel 41 II
Bray Wesley 41 II
Bray William 41 II
Bray 155 II
Brazington David 21 II
Brazington Mary 21 II
Brazington William 21 II
Brecht Anna 61 II
Brecht Mary Miss 172 II
Breed Lucy 267 II
Breese A M 109,443 II
Breese Alfred 41,43 II
Breese Asa  42 II
Breese Asa Moser 41 II
Breese Bettie 42 II
Breese Budd & Mrs 44 II
Breese C M 28 II
Breese Carl 42 II
Breese Carl & Mrs 42 II
Breese Carrie  295 II
Breese Claude 42,43, II
Breese Claude & Mrs 43 II
Breese Claude M 41 II
Breese Edwin 43,44 II
Breese Hannah Moser 41 II
Breese Hannah Wood 42,43 II
Breese Harriet Talmadge 43 II
Breese Henry 43 II
Breese Ivy 236 II
Breese Julia 28,33,44 II
Breese L B 31,43, II
Breese L Budd 33 II
Breese Lafe Budd 43 II
Breese Margaret Replogle 240 II
Breese Mary Riley 236 II
Breese Maud Thomas 236 II
Breese Mr 41,42 II
Breese Mr 44 II
Breese Mr & Mrs 42 II
Breese Mrs 41 II
Breese Ralph 42 II
Breese Ralph 42 II
Breese Ralph Braden 41,109, II
Breese Ralph Mrs 413 II
Breese Robert 42 II
Breese Roy 42 II
Breese Roy & Mrs 42 II
Breese S A 17,364,391,392,433 II
Breese S A Mrs 434 II
Breese Sidney 43,389 II
Breese Sidney A 7 II
Breese Stephen 236 II
Breeze 239 II
Brennan Frank P 374 II
Brent Doris Marie 217 II
Brent Gene Edward 217 II
Brent Gladys Shaw 217 II
Brent Hazel 217 II
Brent Kenneth 217 II
Bressler Earl E Mrs 274 II
Bressler Magdolina Proeger 274 II
Brice Mrs  79 II
Brickell Bert 191 II
Brickell Donald Wayne 191 II
Brickell Gerald Lee 191 II
Brickell Inez Montgomery 190 II
Brickell J B 265,266 II
Brickell James 191 II
Brickell Joe  191 II
Brickell Mildred 191 II
Brickell Sam 191 II
Brickell W P Mrs 188 II
Brickell William F 191 II
Briggam 81 II
Brigman Juanita 61 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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