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Volume II - Brigstocke - Brundage

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Brigstocke Lucy L Mrs 191 II
Brigstocke William Ronald 191 II
Bristow Estel 84 II
Bristow Joe Ralph 84 II
Britain George 406 II
Britain Harold 106 II
Britain John Pfc 106 II
Britain Mary Jane 106 II
Britain Orville 106 II
Britain Winfred Mrs 106 II
Brittan C A 391 II
Brittian Mrs  79 II
Britton C A 224,436 II
Britton C A Hall 436 II
Britton Mr 356 II
Britton Mr 357 II
Broadwell C E Mrs 404 II
Brobeck Henry 15 II
Brobeck Israel 15 II
Brobeck Minerva 15 II
Brock David 84,354 II
Brock Hannah  115 II
Brock Hannah Viola Belle 115 II
Brock Hugh 84 II
Brock Hugh Bob 84 II
Brock Hunter Ray 84 II
Brock Ivy Rose 84 II
Brock  Marian 84 II
Brock  Ray 354 II
Brockett H P 95,391 II
Brockhouse H C Mrs 286 II
Brockleman Matilda 38 II
Broiles Adraian 404 II
Broiles Charles 323 II
Broiles Charles Mrs 333 II
Broiles Hazel Park 250 II
Bronson O C Rev 433 II
Brooks C O Rev 325 II
Brooks Mattie M 164 II
Brough John 367 II
Broughton Café 418 II
Brown A H & Mrs 46,47 II
Brown A H 306 II
Brown Alexander H 45 II
Brown Alice 18 II
Brown Anna 95 II
Brown Burials 303 II
Brown Capt. Milton 394 II
Brown Carrie Roth 259 II
Brown Celia 45 II
Brown Charles 45 II
Brown Clara 45 II
Brown Cyrus 18 II
Brown Cyrus M 23 II
Brown E & Son 45,397,399,418 II
Brown E & Sons Undertaking 242 II
Brown E & Sons Funeral Co 417 II
Brown Edward 394 II
Brown Emma Plumbing 242 II
Brown Florence 69 II
Brown Frank 45,229,429 II
Brown Funeral 415 II
Brown Georgia Houston 428,429 II
Brown Georgia Mrs 429 II
Brown Harman 18 II
Brown Hattie A 47 II
Brown Hattie Dibble 45 II
Brown Herb 306,307 II
Brown Irena 18 II
Brown J R 347 II
Brown J W 18,347 II
Brown Jas W 23 II
Brown John William 44 II
Brown Lottie 47 II
Brown Lottie Valentine 46 II
Brown Mabel 149 II
Brown Mabel M Talkington 229 II
Brown Mildred 428 II
Brown Milton Mrs 394 II
Brown Miss 266 II
Brown Mrs 46 II
Brown Nadine 276 II
Brown Nellie 47 II
Brown Rose 45 II
Brown Susie 45 II
Brown W R 426,448 II
Brown W R Dr 436 II
Brown W R Judge 95,391,432 II
Brown William 44,45,242,405 II
Brown William J 25 II
Brown William Jr 45 II
Brown William Mrs 45 II
Brown Wm Sr 376 II
Brown 139 II
Browning Burials 303 II
Browning Thomas 303 II
Brownson Eugene 119 II
Brownson Walter   119 II
Bruce Alma 157 II
Brumbaugh Kenneth 354 II
Brundage H A Rev 308 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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