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Volume II - Burton - Campbell

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Burton Bros 361 II
Burton Burials 303 II
Burton Eula Marie Barrett 207 II
Burton George 207 II
Burton George Serf 207 II
Burton Glen Frank 207 II
Burton Iva Nell Seigel 207 II
Burton Jack 188 II
Burton Jacquitta Russell 207 II
Burton Janet Jessie 207 II
Burton Janett 188 II
Burton Jim 188 II
Burton Katherine 188 II
Burton Katherine Selves 207 II
Burton Roy 35,188 II
Burton Roy Russell 207 II
Burton Warne Glen 207 II
Burton Wheeler Dean 188 II
Buschle Francis B Rev 381 II
Bush Lynn 35,187 II
Bush Margaret Janet 200 II
Bush Vanevar Dr 173 II
Bush Virginia 35,187 II
Buskirk Elizabeth  152 II
Buskirk 155 II
Buss Donald Gordon 122 II
Buss Henry Greene 122 II
Buss Marilyn Dawn 122 II
Butefish W L 165 II
Butel Gerald Mrs 245 II
Butel Hallie Walker 245 II
Butler Casey 354 II
Byers Jennie Heskett 105 II
Byram Ethel 162 II
Byram F W 307 II
Byram Hugh 404 II
Byram J W 311,394 II
Byram Lannie Miss 311 II
Byram Reece 306 II
Byram Vera M Mrs 242 II
Byrd Ruby 91 II
Byrne W O 361 II
Byrnes Charles 18 II
Byrnes James 306 II
Byrnes Mary Plumbing 242 II
Cahoone C F & Mrs 225 II
Cahoone Charles F Dr 432 II
Cahoone Fannie 81,225 II
Cahoone Henry 407,413,417,418 II
Cahoone Quality Grocery 418 II
Cahoone Robert Capt 180 II
Cahoone S J 428 II
Caldwell F J 323 II
Calkins L R 295 II
Calkins Charles S Rev 324 II
Callahan Leo 325 II
Callis George H 353 II
Calvert Amanda Banks 334 II
Calvert C C Mrs 371 II
Calvert Frank Mrs 347 II
Calvert Josie 37 II
Calvert Lizzie Miss 40 II
Calvert 325 II
Cameron Adrian 50,52,315 II
Cameron Adrian L 52,324 II
Cameron Adrian Mrs 53 II
Cameron Edwin 37,50,52,184 II
Cameron Edwin A Rev 315,319 II
Cameron Edwin Mrs 216 II
Cameron Edwin Rev 346 II
Cameron Eli 51 II
Cameron Elizabeth 51 II
Cameron Elizabeth Elliott 52 II
Cameron Hannah Mendenhall 50 II
Cameron Harry 52 II
Cameron Iona May 52 II
Cameron Josiah 50 II
Cameron Lydia Ann 50 II
Cameron Martin 51 II
Cameron Marvin 50,295,315 II
Cameron Marvin J 52,346 II
Cameron Monirah M Danby 52 II
Cameron Nira 51 II
Cameron Ross 52 II
Camp Creek 24 II
Camp Wood 27 II
Campbell William 15 II
Campbell & Gillett 96 II
Campbell A L 402,418 II
Campbell Carrie 291 II
Campbell Elizabeth Grace 131 II
Campbell George 233 II
Campbell H K 446,447 II
Campbell Hugh 374 II
Campbell Hugh Mrs 225 II
Campbell John 222 II
Campbell Louisa Bell Thomas 233 II
Campbell Malcolm 95,393 II
Campbell Mary E 251 II
Campbell Mary Wells 313 II
Campbell R A 233 II
Campbell Rachel Hester Thomas 233 II
Campbell S R 251,408 II
Campbell's Branch 401 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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