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Volume II - Cannady - Cartter, Lilah

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Cannady Ellen J 74 II
Cannady Jennie Bartram 74 II
Cannon C F Rev 324 II
Cannon Frank Mrs 123 II
Cantrall Jack 78 II
Capp 155 II
Capper Arthur 29,42 II
Capper Arthur Governor 137 II
Capwell Alice Idella 52,53 II
Capwell George 52,53,144 II
Capwell George Edward 52 II
Capwell James 52 II
Capwell James Milton 52,53 II
Capwell Phoebe A Mrs 52 II
Capwell Jas 399 II
Capwell George 399,413 II
Capwell Building 427 II
Carby James 241 II
Caress Edith Park 250 II
Caress Emmett 354 II
Carette Arnold 100 II
Carette Esther 100 II
Carette Margarette 100 II
Carey Laura 309,311 II
Carey Julius 405 II
Cargey B F 275 II
Carl Cowley Real Estate 418 II
Carlin Nona 382 II
Carlson Anna Miss 92 II
Carlson Josephine Patterson 196 II
Carlston Bonnie 107 II
Carman Jasper 19 II
Carman Levina 19 II
Carman Mary 19 II
Carman Thompson 19 II
Carnes Bessie 53 II
Carnes Cora 52,53 II
Carnes Dr 169 II
Carnes Freddie 53 II
Carnes John Dr 53,54 II
Carnes Johnny 53 II
Carnes Margaret 53 II
Carnes Mary C Prather 53 II
Carnes Mary Mrs 53 II
Carnes Mary Prather Mrs 179 II
Carnes Katherine Walker 244 II
Carnes John C Dr 316,322,323,350 II
Carnine Coleen 39 II
Carnine Don 39 II
Carnine Don Mrs 39 II
Carnine Ray 39 II
Carnine Don R 350 II
Carothers Mary Elizabeth 125 II
Carpenter Bert Mrs 34,217 II
Carpenter Chauncey E "Ed" 356 II
Carpenter DeWayne 355 II
Carpenter E M "Em" 356 II
Carpenter Edna McKee 177,179 II
Carpenter Edna Mrs 350 II
Carpenter George 179 II
Carpenter Gus 306,307 II
Carpenter Halsey 179 II
Carpenter Hazel   353 II
Carpenter Hazel Nease 179 II
Carpenter Kenneth 179 II
Carpenter M H Tony 133 II
Carpenter Mary 179 II
Carpenter Mina 167 II
Carpenter Morris 307 II
Carpenter Myron   "Tony" 356 II
Carpenter Myron H 179,350,356 II
Carpenter Property 306 II
Carpenter 155 II
Carpenter 343 II
Carr George 19 II
Carr Clifford 352,353 II
Carr J M 306 II
Carroll Rose Mrs 45 II
Carson Isaac 16 II
Carswell Charles H 392 II
Carter John 238 II
Carter Rachel Hester Thomas 238 II
Carter Sarah 108 II
Carter Vernon L 352 II
Cartter Annette 56 II
Cartter D K 391 II
Cartter D K Chief Justice 394 II
Cartter D K Judge 110,384 II
Cartter David 56 II
Cartter David K 54,55,56,57,359 II
Cartter David K Judge 54 II
Cartter David K Justice 58 II
Cartter David Mrs 299 II
Cartter Dr 79 II
Cartter Elizabeth 56 II
Cartter Elizabeth Miss 415 II
Cartter Farm 56 II
Cartter Harry 56,57 II
Cartter Judge 392 II
Cartter Libbie 56 II
Cartter Lilah 57 II
Cartter Lilah May 162 II
Cartter Lilah Vilar 54,56 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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