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Volume II - Cartter, M - Chesney

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Cartter Marguerite Mrs 56 II
Cartter Marian  56 II
Cartter Marian Hemphill 299 II
Cartter Maurine 56 II
Cartter Nancy 56,58 II
Cartter Nannie 56 II
Cartter Nettie 56 II
Cartter Paul 56,405 II
Cartter Paul  Major 57 II
Cartter Paul & Katherine 57 II
Cartter Paul Hanford Major 57 II
Cartter Place 364 II
Cartter Tottie 56 II
Cartter Virginia 56,57 II
Cartter W H Dr 392,394,395 II
Cartter William 56 II
Cartter William H 54 II
Cartter William Hanford  56 II
Cartter William Hanford Capt 57 II
Cartter William Hanford Dr 54,56,57 II
Cartter Wm H 391 II
Cartter Wm H Dr 366 II
Case H C Rev 433 II
Casebier I C 22 II
Casebier Barbara 22 II
Casebier David 22 II
Casebier Maria 22 II
Casebier Matilda 22 II
Catlin Russell 17 II
Catlin Sarah 17 II
Caton James 358 II
Cazaly Wm 391 II
Cedar Creek 401 II
Cedar Bluff Farm 243 II
Cedar Creek School 51 II
Cedar Grove 308 II
Cemetery 401 II
Central Hotel 409 II
Chabin Mae Mrs 208 II
Chamberlain Alice 15 II
Chamberlain Calvin 15 II
Chamberlain Clare 15 II
Chamberlain Laura 15 II
Chamberlain Morris 15 II
Chamberlain Oscar 15 II
Chamberlain Sarah 15 II
Chambers Henriette 100 II
Chambers Roy F 348 II
Chambers Wayne 354 II
Chance Hettie Mrs 85 II
Chandler Carrie Breese 92,149,391,420,426 II
Chandler Carrie Breese 433
Chandler Charles Henry 58 II
Chandler Edwin Augustus 58 II
Chandler Eugene Elkinah 58 II
Chandler Jessie F 59 II
Chandler Jessie Frances 58 II
Chandler L L 59 II
Chandler Levi Leland 58 II
Chandler Mamie E 59 II
Chandler Mamie Elizabeth 58 II
Chandler Mrs 58 II
Chandler Paul E 59 II
Chandler Paul Eugene 58 II
Chandler R H 58 II
Chandler Roswell Henry 58 II
Chandler 239 II
Chandler Charles 296,297 II
Chandler Eugene  297,298,299 II
Chandler R H & Mrs 298,301 II
Chandler Charles 298 II
Chandler Levi 298,299 II
Chandler Mamie 298 II
Chandler Burials 303 II
Chandler L L 450 II
Chapel Asa 59 II
Chapel Chattie 59 II
Chapel Dwight 59 II
Chapel Mary Elizabeth 64,65 II
Chapel Stephen 65 II
Chapin Dwight 311 II
Chapman Norman 23 II
Chapman Otto J 175 II
Chappell B M 394 II
Chapurin Francis 18 II
Charlie Nigger 281 II
Chase County Hatchery 418 II
Chase County Leader 418 II
Chase Salmon P 7 II
Chatterton F D 387 II
Chatterton W C 387 II
Chenoweth Anna 181 II
Chenoweth Mr 181 II
Chesney Burials 303 II
Chesney Ed 87 II
Chesney Frank 87 II
Chesney Hettie   87 II
Chesney Mary 87 II
Chesney Mary E 267 II
Chesney W E Mrs 87 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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