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Volume II - Childs - Coleman

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Childs Abigail Ainsworth 60 II
Childs Abijah 60 II
Childs Arthur 61 II
Childs Benjamin 60 II
Childs Bessie 61 II
Childs Brothers  60 II
Childs Carrie 61 II
Childs Chauncey 60,61 II
Childs Clarence 60,61 II
Childs Clarence Edwin 62 II
Childs Clifford 61 II
Childs Dewey 61 II
Childs Donald Ray 61 II
Childs Earl Wayne 61 II
Childs Edwin 61 II
Childs Edwin C 60,61 II
Childs Edwin Dean Corp 61 II
Childs Elizabeth 61 II
Childs Ervin E 61 II
Childs Etta 61 II
Childs Genevra Etta 62 II
Childs Genevra Mrs 61 II
Childs Genevra Romigh 62 II
Childs Helen 61 II
Childs Inez 61 II
Childs Jane Howard 60 II
Childs John Edwin 61 II
Childs John Jr 60 II
Childs Kenneth 61 II
Childs Kenneth Edward 62 II
Childs Larry Wayne 61 II
Childs Leola 61 II
Childs Lylah 61 II
Childs Lylah (Lila) 61 II
Childs Mary Bowen 60 II
Childs Mary Edith "May" 61 II
Childs Maxine 61 II
Childs Quincy E 60 II
Childs Robert Lee 61 II
Childs Waneta 61 II
Childs Wayne 60 II
Childs Wayne C 60 II
Childs Wayne Scott 61 II
Childs Dewey 223 II
Chittenden Dr 306 II
Chittenden R H Dr 392 II
Christenson G H 276 II
Church Bert 91 II
Church Joel 63 II
Cillison Ananias Rev 433 II
Clark Edna Underwood 243 II
Clark Emerson 154 II
Clark Frank 94 II
Clark Fred Mrs 94 II
Clark Fred Rev 434 II
Clark Lucile 162 II
Clark Mabel 74 II
Clarkson's Millinery and Laundry 397 II
Clausen Ethel 267 II
Clay I W 361 II
Cleavenger Burials 303 II
Clements Bella 62,63 II
Clements Cemetery 401 II
Clements Mr 63 II
Clements Mr & Mrs 63 II
Clements Mrs 63 II
Clements Robert  62,447,448 II
Clements Robert Mrs 177 II
Clodfelter Sue Miss 175 II
Clogston Dorothy 70 II
Cloud Jonathan 20 II
Cloud Mary 20 II
Clough Richard 369,373,410,435 II
Clough Richard Mrs 435 II
Clover Cliff Ranch 80,246 II
Coate Frank D 429 II
Coburn F D 174 II
Cochran F P 391,392,397,406 II
Cochran J L 365,370 II
Cochrane Nettie Holsinger 347 II
Cochrane Robert 347 II
Coe C A 302 II
Coe Charles 78 II
Coe Fred 78,109 II
Coe Fred Mrs 417,435 II
Coe H P 78,391 II
Coe Jim 78 II
Coe Lella 78 II
Coe Mary Mrs 78 II
Coe Matie 78 II
Coker D 432 II
Coker H J Dr 387 II
Cole Phoebe 22 II
Cole E M 81 II
Cole Hollow 81 II
Coleman Burials 303 II
Coleman Fannie 266 II
Coleman Farm 268 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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