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Volume II - Collett - Corfman

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Collett Charles 16 II
Collett Emily 16 II
Collett George 16,249 II
Collett George Mrs 251 II
Collett George Sr 251 II
Collett Henry 16 II
Collett Rosina 16 II
Colletts Branch 401 II
Collier Alex 134 II
Collier Joel 70 II
Collins Aaron 63 II
Collins Amos 63 II
Collins Carl 63 II
Collins Elija 63 II
Collins Etta 63 II
Collins Family 63 II
Collins Gertrude 63 II
Collins Hiram 63 II
Collins John 63 II
Collins Martha J 73,74 II
Collins Myrtle 63 II
Collins Tom 63 II
Collins William 63 II
Columbia Amie Miss 64 II
Colvin E S 353 II
Conant Walter 17 II
Conaway  A M Dr 392 II
Conaway C L Dr 397,398 II
Conaway Charles L Dr 396 II
Conaway Dr 366,395, II
Conaway Dr C I 397 II
Conboy Billy 212 II
Conboy Dick 212 II
Congdon Nan Miss 149 II
Conlin J W Dr 264 II
Conly Mr. 121 II
Connacher Charles 165 II
Connacher Isa 165 II
Connacher Keith 94 II
Conner Abe 450 II
Conner Abstract Office 448 II
Conner and McClellan 418 II
Connor Bell Abstract Company 413 II
Connor Edith 217 II
Connor James Mrs 217 II
Connor Ruth 450 II
Constant J T 425 II
Conway A M 392 II
Cook P G 17 II
Cook A L 339 II
Cook Benjamin 17 II
Cook Frank  287 II
Cook H A 275,323 II
Cook Henrietta 17 II
Cook Kate 17 II
Cook Nancy 17 II
Cook Sarah 17 II
Cook Thomas 17 II
Cooke Henry Rev 319 II
Cooley Amy Moffitt 187 II
Cooley Dwight 187 II
Cooley Frances 187 II
Cooley Granville 187 II
Cooley Mr 391 II
Cooley Rollie 187 II
Coon Creek 401 II
Cooper A E Mrs 246 II
Cooper Albert 405 II
Cooper Albert E 25 II
Cooper Bessie 295 II
Cooper Bob 207 II
Cooper Burials 303 II
Cooper Howard Mrs 357 II
Cooper Lois June Mushrush 426 II
Cooper Milburn 300,405,412 II
Cooper Milburn M 25 II
Cooper Minerva Nichol 357 II
Cooper Opal Mrs 108 II
Cooper Rev 319 II
Cope George 405 II
Cope J W 309,444 II
Cope Olive 32 II
Copeland Dorothy 157 II
Copeland Emanuel 18 II
Copeland Francis 18 II
Copeland Frank 60 II
Copeland H B Mrs 98 II
Copeland Isabel 18 II
Copeland Lucinda 18 II
Copeland Mary 18 II
Copeland Nancy 18 II
Copeland Prudcence 18 II
Copeland William 18 II
Corbett Boston 236 II
Corbin C M Dr 366 II
Corbin Frank 316 II
Corbin Mary Nicol 357 II
Corbin Tom Mrs 357 II
Corey C H 306,311 II
Corfman Margaret 200 II
Corfman Robert Norman 200 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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