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Volume II - Cunningham - Davidson

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Cunningham C W Mrs 374 II
Cunningham Dorothy 107 II
Cunningham Eunice 129 II
Cunningham Georgetta 387 II
Cunningham Geraldin 107 II
Cunningham J H F Rev 387 II
Cunningham Jennie 116 II
Cunningham Karen 84 II
Cunningham Linda 84 II
Cunningham Mrs 374 II
Cunningham Rosemary 107 II
Cunningham Troy Mrs 84 II
Curry Joel M 104 II
Curry Nancy E 104 II
Curtis Irene 352 II
Cushing Catherine 155 II
Cushing Charles Lantry 155 II
Cushing Elizabeth 155 II
Cushing Mary 155 II
Cushing Nellie Lantry 155 II
Cushing Thomas E 152,155 II
Cushing W H 154 II
Cushing William 155 II
Custer Robert 89 II
Cuthbert David & Mrs 66 II
Cuthbert Elinor 66 II
Cuthbert Hannah  66,67 II
Cuthbert Mary 67 II
Cuthbert Richard 66,67 II
Cuthbert Robert 65,66 II
Cuthbert Sarah J 66 II
Cuthbert 432 II
Cutler Melvin V 275 II
Cutrell 276 II
Daenisch Carlene 118 II
Dahlberg H L 436 II
Dahlberg Sec 237 II
Daine Samuel 365 II
Dains Dora Mrs 85 II
Daisy Walter Sheridan Mrs 115 II
Dalkey Hazel 124 II
Daly J C 155 II
Danby Monira 51 II
Dancer J R 366 II
Danfelser Albert 139 II
Danhour Harriet Mrs 162 II
Danhour Herbert 162 II
Daniels Sister Mary 225 II
Darder Don 105 II
Daub Albert 68 II
Daub Alfred 69 II
Daub Anna 69 II
Daub Anna Stubenhofer 69 II
Daub Annie 225 II
Daub Bella 68 II
Daub Billy 69 II
Daub Birdie 69 II
Daub Charles  69 II
Daub David   69 II
Daub Edna Mae 70 II
Daub Elizabeth 70 II
Daub Elizabeth "Birdie" 241 II
Daub Emma 70 II
Daub Etta 69 II
Daub Florence 69 II
Daub Frances Elizabeth Rettiger 240 II
Daub Frank 68 II
Daub Frank A 69,240 II
Daub Gregg 69 II
Daub Henry 69 II
Daub Henry Mrs 245 II
Daub Hila 70 II
Daub Ida 68 II
Daub Jacob 68,80,226 II
Daub Josephine   69 II
Daub Katherine 69 II
Daub Katie 68,69 II
Daub Katie Stubenhoffer 226 II
Daub Lawrence 69,100 II
Daub Lila 70 II
Daub Lizzie 68 II
Daub Marian Granger 245 II
Daub Mary 69,105 II
Daub Minrod 68 II
Daub Ollise 68 II
Daub Oscar 69 II
Daub Oscar Mrs 98 II
Daub Oscar 374 II
Daub Roman 68 II
Daub Rose 70 II
Daub Susie 69,106 II
Daub Titus 69 II
Daub Ulrich 68 II
Daub William 68,69,80,225 II
Daub William Mr & Mrs 105,106 II
Daub Wm Mrs 378 II
Daub 211 II
Daugherty Jeff & Mrs 53 II
Daugherty W J 391,439 II
David George H 377 II
David Charles Mrs 413 II
David-Noland Merrill Grain Company 377 II
Davidson Mr 367 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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