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Volume II - Earl - Empie

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Earl Partnership 143 II
Earles 289 II
Earnhart I M Rev 433 II
Earren U B 432 II
Eastham Barbara Elaine 53 II
Eastham Bessie 83 II
Eastham Blanche W 83 II
Eastham Burials 303 II
Eastman D W 325 II
Eastman Dan 188 II
Eastman Dan W 83,353 II
Eastman Daniel 399 II
Eastman Daniel W 83,368 II
Eastman Dorothy 84 II
Eastman Dorothy M 83 II
Eastman Emma S 84 II
Eastman Emma Selves 186,188 II
Eastman Emma Wood 83 II
Eastman Eunice 84,129 II
Eastman Florence  84 II
Eastman Florence T 83 II
Eastman Frances 129 II
Eastman Frances Mrs 407 II
Eastman Fred R 83 II
Eastman Garry 84 II
Eastman Grace C 83,84 II
Eastman Jay W 83 II
Eastman Joe Ralph 84 II
Eastman Jon 84 II
Eastman Josephine 84 II
Eastman Josephine E 83 II
Eastman Katherine 295 II
Eastman Nelly Bly 83 II
Eastman Patricia Underwood 201 II
Eastman Ray 129,333 II
Eastman Ray Arthur 83 II
Eastman Rose 83,348 II
Eastman William 298,300 II
Ebans Nell 86 II
Eberhardt C A Rev 385 II
Eckhardt Burials 303 II
Eckhardt Mr 377 II
Eckman Laura Kern 214 II
Eddy M S 307,311 II
Edrington Les 146 II
Edrington Less R Dr 145 II
Edrington Helen E 146 II
Edrington Michael Stephen 146 II
Edwards Arthur  429 II
Edwards Burials 303 II
Edwards John Mrs 133 II
Edwards Patience 133 II
Edwards Paul 354 II
Edwards W C 119,360 II
Edwards Wm Chalmers 367,397 II
Eggert H G Rev 384 II
Eggert Rev 385,386 II
Eidman Floyd 277 II
Einsel Flora 145 II
Eldred Adelbert Mortimer 84 II
Eldred Ervin 85 II
Eldred O B & Mrs 84 II
Eldridge Adeline 19 II
Elliott Chris 199 II
Elliott Eli 350 II
Elliott Elizabeth 50,52 II
Elliott Gulia 199 II
Elliott Josephine Cox 345 II
Elliott Mother 51 II
Elliott Orlando 345 II
Elliott Theda Ellen 38 II
Elliott 216 II
Ellis Burials 303 II
Ellis Child 16 II
Ellis Delilah 100 II
Ellis Ed 365,395 II
Ellis Ed W 394 II
Ellis James L 100,303,401 II
Ellis Lydia 16 II
Ellis Mary 99 II
Ellis Minnie 346 II
Ellis Minnie Miss 399 II
Ellis Ruth 348 II
Ellis Shovel 16 II
Ellis Zottie Schimpff 213 II
Ellston Christina 218 II
Ellston Harry 218 II
Ellston Henry 108 II
Ellsworth Anna 294 II
Ellsworth D A 298,405 II
Ellsworth Professor 431 II
Elmdale School 32 II
Embree Elizabeth Ann 77 II
Emerson A B 306,307,309,311 II
Emerson A B Mrs 308 II
Empie B F 366 II
Empie B F Mrs 137 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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