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Volume II - Fagg - Fink

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Fagg Anna 89 II
Fagg Bije 89 II
Fagg Charles 89 II
Fagg David 89 II
Fagg Hannah 89,123 II
Fagg Jake 89 II
Fagg Jennie 89 II
Fagg John 89 II
Fagg Mary 89 II
Fagg Melinda 89 II
Fagg Phoebe 89 II
Fagg Pleasant 88,89,103,333 II
Fagg Rebecca Stanley 88 II
Fagg William 89 II
Fahrni Merle Underwood 200 II
Fairchild J A 18 II
Fairchild Benjamin 18 II
Fairchild George 18 II
Fairchild Hannah 18 II
Fairchild Josephine 19 II
Fairchild Louisa 18 II
Fairchild Nancy 19 II
Fairchild Nathan 19,432 II
Fairchild Rev 275 II
Fann Ralph 353 II
Farback Burials 303 II
Faris Frank 90,105 II
Faris Frank P 89,429 II
Faris Wm 89 II
Faris Wm Mrs 105 II
Farley Erasmus 23 II
Farni Merle A 353 II
Farnsworth R C 15 II
Farnsworth Ellen 15 II
Farnsworth George 15 II
Farnsworth Ruth 15 II
Farnum Florence 266 II
Farrington James C 154 II
Farrington James Mrs 154 II
Farrington Jim 154 II
Fear Lena Mrs 138 II
Fearne Burials 303 II
Fearns C F 19 II
Fearns Catherine 19,92,93 II
Fearns Charles 93 II
Fearns Comelin 19,93 II
Fearns Elizabeth 19,93 II
Featherkile George 81,247 II
Featherkile Della 247 II
Fenn George B 306 II
Fenn Hardware 306 II
Fenn Mr 316 II
Fenn Will  323 II
Fenn William 316 II
Fent Julia Anna 324 II
Fent Omar 334 II
Fent William Mr & Mrs 122 II
Fent 155 II
Fent 343 II
Ferlet A 365,395 II
Ferlet August 392 II
Ferlet E R 380 II
Ferlet Hotel 239,408 II
Ferlet Theophile August 379 II
Ferlet 397 II
Ferris Viola G 97 II
Ffleger Agnes Pierce 222 II
Ffleger Charles 222 II
Ffleger Minnie Stenzel 222 II
Fichtner Sadie 192 II
Fidilis Sister Mary Rettiger 240,241 II
Fiechter Margaret Tina 75 II
Fiechter Tina 75 II
Figard Sam 394 II
Fillmore Burials 303 II
Fillmore Ethel May 103 II
Filsen Charles 92 II
Finch Frankie 18 II
Finch William 294 II
Finck Samuel 275 II
Finefrock Burials 303 II
Fink Bishop 363,382 II
Fink Clarence Edgar 200 II
Fink Dorothy 200 II
Fink Emphraim 301 II
Fink Etta 200 II
Fink Gordon 200 II
Fink Jessie Gillett 200 II
Fink Kasimir 14 II
Fink Kasimir J 23 II
Fink Louis M Rev Right 381 II
Fink Medora 14 II
Fink Orlinda 301 II
Fink Orlinda Wisel 301 II
Fink Russell Duane 200 II
Fink Steve Mrs 200 II
Fink Ursula Gillis 200 II
Fink Velma Goodwin 200 II
Fink Vera 200 II
Fink Walter Mrs 146 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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