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Volume II - Finley - Fosdick

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Finley A D 18 II
Finley A D & Mrs 431 II
Finley Alexander D 432 II
Finley Arthur 285 II
Finley Charles 285 II
Finley E H Mrs 412 II
Finley Edith 269 II
Finley Emma Lou 265 II
Finley F H 439 II
Finley Gid 427 II
Finley Gideon 18 II
Finley Gideon & Mrs 39 II
Finley Harold 419 II
Finley Hugh 415,447 II
Finley Hugh Lyman 284 II
Finley Laura Smith 284 II
Finley Lucinda 18 II
Finley Mary 284 II
Finley Mary Mrs 284 II
Finley Mattie 266 II
Finley Orrell Ann Makemsom 284 II
Finley Ruby 39 II
Finley 282 II
Finley 432 II
Fintel H A 388 II
Fish Chas Mrs 387 II
Fish Josie 364,387 II
Fishbaugh Mrs 121 II
Fishbaugh Ross 121 II
Fisher James 19 II
Fisher Bertha Lee 121 II
Fisher Charles 108 II
Fisher Dora Mae 207 II
Fisher Glen Mrs 184 II
Fisher Helen Thompson 234 II
Fisher Inez Evelyn Russell 207 II
Fisher J C  309 II
Fisher J G 311 II
Fisher John Edmond 121 II
Fisher Mary 207 II
Fisher Ruth 207 II
Fisher  S G 309 II
Fisher  Tom 207 II
Fisk Dudley 417,426 II
Fletcher Alexander 448 II
Flickinger Maria 22 II
Flickinger William 22 II
Flint Hills Peggy of 6 II
Flora Arnold Insurance 418 II
Flora Col 434 II
Flowers J M 111 II
Flowers Allen 111 II
Flowers Violet 111 II
Flueler Sophia 223 II
Fogarty Bridget 153 II
Fogerty Goldie 240 II
Foiles E R Rev 308 II
Foley Frank 16 II
Follensbee Barbara Dee 213 II
Follensbee Barbara Hungerford 213 II
Follensbee Brandly 213 II
Follensbee Brandly Jr 213 II
Follensbee Rowland 213 II
Folsom Creek 59,401 II
Folsom George A 59 II
Folsom Mrs 387 II
Folt Josie Mrs 201 II
Foose Laurence 354 II
Foote Charles K 29 II
Ford Brothers 218 II
Ford Bud 288 II
Ford Emily 263 II
Ford John 288 II
Ford Neal 288 II
Ford Philip 288 II
Ford Ralph 265 II
Ford Zachary 263 II
Ford 262,282 II
Foreman Burials 303 II
Foreman F Mrs 195 II
Foreman Jane Mrs Mitchell 206 II
Forgarty Pat 364 II
Forney Betty Marie 91 II
Forney Charles 91 II
Forney Christopher H 90 II
Forney Dora Mrs 92 II
Forney Edward 109 II
Forney Edward David 90,91 II
Forney Elizabeth 91 II
Forney Hettie 91 II
Forney House 414 II
Forney Kittie 91 II
Forney Robert H 91 II
Forney Sade 91 II
Forney Sadie Elizabeth 91 II
Forney Sarah 90 II
Forney Susan 91 II
Forney William 90,91 II
Forney William E 91 II
Fosdick Henry 133,317,333 II
Fosdick Minnie 133 II
Fosdick 323 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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