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Volume II - Foster - Gabrelson

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Foster Frank 224 II
Foster Jack 205 II
Foster Leo D 205 II
Foster Loreene Emily Rose 205 II
Foster Marialice 205 II
Foster Mr 90 II
Foster Wm 90 II
Foster Wm Mrs 105 II
Foushee 306 II
Foushee William 307 II
Fowler Altamont 22 II
Fowler Charles 22 II
Fowler Lucinda 22 II
Fowler W L 305 II
Fox Balaam 16 II
Fox Creek 401 II
Fox Edward 15 II
Fox James 15 II
Fox Sarah 15 II
Foxworthy Bertha Walker 245 II
Foxworthy Burials 303 II
Foxworthy Dan 225 II
Foxworthy Dewey 225 II
Foxworthy Frank 49 II
Foxworthy Homer 245 II
Foxworthy Irene Daniels 225 II
Foxworthy Josie Mrs 225 II
Foxworthy Laura 116 II
Foxworthy Laura Drummond 225 II
Foxworthy Lila Gomer 225 II
Foxworthy Marie 225 II
Foxworthy Roy 225 II
Fraker J C Paster 432 II
Fraker J C Rev 262 II
Fraker Rev 259 II
Frank Philip Mrs 307 II
Frank Sarah Pinkston 199 II
Franks Charles L 324 II
Franz Julia Anna 253 II
Fratz Child 17 II
Fratz Michael 17 II
Fratz Mrs 17 II
Frazier Eli 185 II
Frazier Mary 185 II
Freeborn Dave 78 II
Freeborn Ella 294 II
Freeborn J G Rev 78 II
Freeborn Jennie 79 II
Freeborn Mary 78 II
Freeborn Rev 448 II
Freeman F W 154 II
Freeman 282 II
Freese E Rev 386 II
Freese E Rev 386 II
French Creek 401 II
French James 306,311 II
French Mr 37 II
Frese E Pastor 383 II
Fresh Springs Under Bridge 401 II
Frew John 302,365,403 II
Frey Annie S 223 II
Frey Annie S Mrs 89 II
Frey Annie Shipman 43 II
Frey Carrie Hegwer 222 II
Frey Frank 222 II
Frey Helen Louise Stenzel 222 II
Frey Julius 223 II
Friday I A 352 II
Fritz H S 78,400,448 II
Fritz H S Mrs 407 II
Fritz Hiram 400 II
Fritze H S 78 II
Fritze Andrew Rev 383 II
Fritze Bertha Mrs 196 II
Fritze Carolyn 195 II
Fritze Emma Lou 195 II
Fritze Harold 195 II
Fritze Joe 195 II
Fritze Marguerite 195 II
Fritze Sopha 195 II
Fritze Theodore 195 II
Fritzgerald Jack 292 II
Frobenious Edward Mrs 149 II
Fugg Jessie Park 250 II
Fugua Miss 107 II
Fullen Guy 96 II
Fullen Nellie 95 II
Fullen W C Mrs 95 II
Fulton Martha 107 II
Fultz A J and Mrs 398 II
Fultz Nealy 398 II
Fultz Nela 396 II
Funk Henrietta 34 II
Funk Mr 298 II
Furnas Bertha 295 II
Gabrelson Clara Mrs 149 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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