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Volume II Gatewood - Glassmire

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Gatewood John 274 II
Geddes Geraldine C 122 II
Geer Joe 327 II
Geer Maud Mrs 49 II
Geer Oscar 49 II
Geer Ralph 49 II
Gentry H G 428 II
George George 438 II
George Joe 376,416 II
German P V 323 II
German T F Rev 384 II
Gerrick Stephen 274 II
Gibson Barzilla 21 II
Gibson Elizabeth 22 II
Gibson Isabel 21 II
Gibson John 22 II
Gibson Nathan 22 II
Gibson Robert 21 II
Gibson William 21 II
Giddings Ellen 199 II
Giddings Erastus 79 II
Giddings Festus 199 II
Giddings Mrs & Son 79 II
Giese W C 91 II
Giese Agatha 94 II
Giese Bertha 94 II
Giese Bertha Kreuz 94 II
Giese Charles 94 II
Giese Ed 94 II
Giese Emma 94 II
Giese Fannie Mrs Henry 107 II
Giese Fanny 94 II
Giese Harlan 94 II
Giese Harlan Jr. 95 II
Giese Henry 93,94,376,415,440 II
Giese Henry Harlan 94 II
Giese Hulda 94 II
Giese Louie 94 II
Giese Mary 94 II
Giese Tillie 94 II
Giese William C 93 II
Giffin Bernard V 429 II
Giffin Roy A 429 II
Giger Aletta Inez 30 II
Giger H M 227 II
Giger Inez G 97 II
Gilbert Ed 418 II
Gilbert N W A Rev 433 II
Gill Charles P 371 II
Gill Chas P Mrs 141 II
Gill 266 II
Gillespie Les W 86 II
Gillespie Nell Evans 137 II
Gillespie Nelle 86 II
Gillett Asa 95,432 II
Gillett C E 390 II
Gillett C G 390 II
Gillett Charlie 95 II
Gillett Don 95,96 II
Gillett Ellen 96,97 II
Gillett Elsie 97 II
Gillett Frank 95 II
Gillett Gladys 97 II
Gillett Gladys A 97 II
Gillett Guy 95 II
Gillett H F 96,445,446 II
Gillett Henry Francis 96 II
Gillett Inez 97 II
Gillett Julia Sherwood 97 II
Gillett Lloyd 96 II
Gillett Lloyd M 97 II
Gillett Margaret G 97 II
Gillett Mrs 95 II
Gillett Nellie 95 II
Gillett Preston 95 II
Gillett Rupert 97 II
Gillett Viola  97 II
Gillette Lester 94 II
Gillis Floyd 200 II
Gillis Helen 200 II
Gillis Horace 200 II
Gillis Ivan 200 II
Gillis Larry 200 II
Gillis Lois 200 II
Gillis Marietta 200 II
Gillis Ursula Fink 200 II
Gilman 239 II
Gilman & Son 421 II
Gilmore Rev A 434 II
Gilmore Service Station 418 II
Gilbert Meat Market 418 II
Girod Jake 135 II
Gish Charles 15 II
Gislow Mr 298 II
Glanville W T Mrs 407 II
Glass  Zeph 243 II
Glassmire Haven 212 II
Glassmire Samuel 212 II
Glassmire Zoe Doering 212 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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