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Volume II - Granger - Gross

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Granger Aloin "Bob" 245 II
Granger Bernard 245 II
Granger Charles 69 II
Granger Cora Tabor 245 II
Granger Earl 245 II
Granger Frances Morton 245 II
Granger Grace Kinsey 245 II
Granger Howard 69 II
Granger Howard Sqt 245 II
Granger Joyce Steadman 245 II
Granger Marian 69 II
Granger Marion Daub 245 II
Granger Mary 69 II
Granger Mary Walker 82,245 II
Granger Pauline 80 II
Granger Ruth Swift 228,245 II
Granger Sam 82 II
Granger Sharon 69 II
Granger Walter 69,82,245 II
Granger Willard 245 II
Green Theda 100 II
Green Virginia 299 II
Green Walter 61 II
Green Willard 299 II
Green Zula Bennington 6 II
Green Zula Bennington Mrs 304 II
Greene E B 368,413 II
Greene Churchill 402 II
Greene M W 422 II
Greene Willard 413,415 II
Greenleaf Henry 291 II
Greenleaf Janie 41 II
Greenleaf Phoebe Sharp Purcell 156 II
Gregory Brothers 56,397,398 II
Gregory Burials 303 II
Gregory Charles 56,395,415,416, II
Gregory Charles M 56 II
Gregory Edward P 415 II
Gregory Elizabeth McPherson 415 II
Gregory Farm 439 II
Gregory Firm 416 II
Gregory M L & Mrs 251 II
Gregory Mary Frances 251 II
Gregory W M  439 II
Gregory William 56 II
Gregory William E  56 II
Gregory William Jr 405 II
Gregory Wm E 56 II
Gregory Wm M 416 II
Greiner Adam 68 II
Greist Ted R 29 II
Gresham and Doolittle 399 II
Grey Clara Rettiger 241 II
Grey Dr 241 II
Griffith Amanda E 101 II
Griffith Anna Rogers 140 II
Griffith Ida M 101 II
Griffith Newton 101 II
Griffith Newton A 101 II
Griffith Rosa Ellen 101 II
Griffith William R Sayre 101 II
Grim Ruth 165 II
Grimm Henry 16 II
Grimwood Brothers 306 II
Grimwood Edward 77 II
Grimwood Eleanor 77 II
Grimwood F L 445 II
Grimwood Flora 192 II
Grimwood Florence A Morris 192 II
Grimwood Frank 306 II
Grimwood Frank E 192 II
Grimwood Graham 306 II
Grimwood Graham H 77 II
Grimwood Morris 192,193 II
Grimwood Ruth D 305 II
Grimwood W H 77,311 II
Grisham and Madden 397 II
Grisham Carswell Law Offices 392 II
Grisham Mrs 398,421 II
Grisham Sadie Park Mrs 409,413 II
Grisham T H 369 II
Grisham Thomas 163 II
Grisham Thomas H 407 II
Grogan H B Dry Cleaning 397 II
Grokutt Cappy 419 II
Grokutt G A 376 II
Grokutt G M 415 II
Gross Burials 303 II
Gross Charles 101 II
Gross George 101 II
Gross Harriet 101 II
Gross Harriet Elizabeth V 102 II
Gross Jane 101 II
Gross John 101,302 II
Gross Katherine 101 II
Gross Margaret 101 II
Gross William 101 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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