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Volume II - Groundwater - Handy

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Groundwater Rosa 295 II
Grover Alpha Russell 205 II
Grover B A 206 II
Grover Charles A 206 II
Grover Ina 206 II
Grover Roy B 206 II
Grubb Harriett 155 II
Gruell Beth 267 II
Grum George 59 II
Guild Florence 56,57 II
Gulliford William 306 II
Gurer Eugene 17 II
Gurer Rosana 17 II
Gustafson J F Dr 434 II
Gustin Mary A Mrs 66 II
Guston Keith 213 II
Guthrie W W 363 II
Gutman Martha E Makemsom 269 II
Guy Fritz 15 II
Guyton Celia 116 II
Guyton Julia Thompson 234 II
Gwin James Mrs 160,161 II
Gwin Ula Martin 160 II
Hacker Mr and Mrs 435 II
Hacker Naomi 39 II
Hacker Ruby 295,348 II
Hackett Camillus Rev 381 II
Hackett Mark 421 II
Hadley Abner 432 II
Hadley J W 388 II
Hadley Seth 288 II
Haefner George Rev 386 II
Hafer Thomas 329 II
Hagans G K Mrs 373 II
Hageman Earl Mrs 429 II
Hageman Ruth Mrs 411 II
Hager Arch and Mrs 435 II
Hahner Elmer 180 II
Hahner Gladys E Hatter 180 II
Hailey Anna Lucy 35 II
Hailey Earl Wayne 165 II
Hailey Kenneth 35 II
Hainer A J Mrs 406 II
Hait C E Dr 394 II
Hale Anna Yeager 213 II
Hale Marilyn Guston 213 II
Hale Preston 213,373,410 II
Haley Anna Lucy 187 II
Haley Clara Rettiger 240 II
Haley Kenneth 187 II
Haley Mr 240 II
Hall John 20 II
Hall Delbert Rev 135 II
Hall Duane 327 II
Hall Fred 404 II
Hall L K 29 II
Hall Lawrence K 27,29 II
Hall Lumber 306 II
Hall  Mildred Webster 246 II
Hallam Jackie 91 II
Hallan George 91 II
Hallberg Lottie Proeger 274 II
Haller Bonfa 22 II
Haller Joel 22 II
Haller John 22 II
Haller Joseph 22 II
Haller Mary 22 II
Haller Nicholas 22 II
Hamill D Y 363 II
Hamill Jennie 309 II
Hamilton Augustus 175 II
Hamilton H C Mrs 40 II
Hamilton Maggie 108 II
Hamilton Margaret 172 II
Hamilton Otto 352 II
Hamilton Vane 352 II
Hamm Electric Shop 418 II
Hamm Willard 410,411 II
Hammans R P Rev 433 II
Hamme Dr 366,395 II
Hamme J M Dr 396,403 II
Hammer Aaron 199 II
Hammer Helen   232 II
Hammer Henry 232 II
Hammer Martha 199 II
Hampton Mr 81 II
Hancher J W Rev 433 II
Hancock Charles A 185 II
Hand A J 37 II
Handy Bill 103 II
Handy Bill W C 328 II
Handy Depha 104 II
Handy Ella 41 II
Handy Elza 41,103 II
Handy Elza "Ed" 103 II
Handy Family 103 II
Handy Mary 104 II
Handy Mrs 328 II
Handy Myrtle   104 II
Handy Robert 104 II
Handy Ulysses 103 II
Handy William C 103,104 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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