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Volume II - Harland - Haworth

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Harland Lou Underwood 243 II
Harland Maud Underwood 243 II
Harlin Charles 315 II
Harlin John 315 II
Harlin Lizzie 315 II
Harlin Tina 315 II
Harman M K 398,408 II
Harman Mrs 416,417 II
Harman Ralph  416 II
Harmon Hershel 163 II
Harmon Ralph 447 II
Harper J E Rev 433 II
Harper Mr   438 II
Harper Tom 222 II
Harrell F C 275 II
Harris Boone 16 II
Harris A G 404 II
Harris Burials 303 II
Harris Cecile 120,121 II
Harris Flloyd 429 II
Harris Forney 91 II
Harris Harry 91 II
Harris Hilah 91 II
Harris M H 303 II
Harris Morris J 154 II
Harris Nettie Regler 344,345 II
Harris R B 91,399 II
Harris  Russell 303 II
Harris  Russell C 404 II
Harrison Anna Mrs 206 II
Harrison Dwayne Mrs 134 II
Harrison Eva 206 II
Harrison Joseph 299 II
Harrison Lorrance 228 II
Harrison R C & Mrs 206 II
Harsh Wm E Rev 366 II
Harsh John 347 II
Harsh Pearl Brandley 347 II
Harter G 392 II
Hartig Glenna Crouch 67 II
Hartley Amadine 16 II
Hartley Isaiah 16 II
Hartley Joseph 16 II
Hartley Mary 16 II
Hartley Permelia 16 II
Hartley Susan 16 II
Hartman 155 II
Hartman Jacob 252 II
Hartman Sussanah Mrs 252 II
Harvey Chas L 399 II
Harvey Fred 286 II
Harvey Georgianna 315 II
Harvey Hugh 241 II
Harvey Hugh Mrs 242 II
Harvey Ida 364 II
Harvey John 103 II
Harvey John Farm 41,89 II
Harvey Katherine White 241,242 II
Harvey Rose 242,315 II
Harvey Rose Mrs Rettiger 241 II
Harvey Rose Rettiger 240 II
Harvey Thomas 324 II
Harvey Thomas J 370 II
Harvey Tom and Mrs 319 II
Harvey W C 406 II
Harvey W W 369 II
Hasenback Alvin 353 II
Haskell Ethel 41 II
Hassan Walter 372,375,376 II
Hassan Walter 406,408,414,416 II
Hasson Walter Mrs 374 II
Hatfield W J Dr 397 II
Hathaway John 16 II
Hatter J W 180 II
Hatter Gladys 180 II
Hatter Gladys E Hahner 180 II
Hatter Ollie F Mealey 180 II
Hatton Mary  419 II
Haughey J W 408 II
Haun Augustus 16 II
Haun Brochel 16 II
Haun Eve 16 II
Haun Henry 15 II
Haun Sophia 16 II
Hawkins Bertha 71 II
Hawkins C W 449 II
Hawkins Celia 450 II
Hawkins Claude 449 II
Hawkins Frank L 450 II
Hawkins John 17 II
Hawkins John W 23 II
Hawkins Lafayette 17 II
Hawkins Rebecca 17 II
Hawkins Richard 17 II
Hawkins Sarah Miss 420 II
Hawkins Stella 134 II
Hawkins Susan 17 II
Hawkins William 17 II
Haworth Mill 279 II
Haworth Alonzo 287 II
Haworth Joel 280,281,286 II
Haworth Phoebe 280 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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