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Volume II Hayden - Henderson

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Hayden Adolph 108,109 II
Hayden Charles 108 II
Hayden Charley 109 II
Hayden Dora 108,109 II
Hayden Dora Mrs 91 II
Hayden Edith 108,109 II
Hayden Ella 109 II
Hayden Frank 224 II
Hayden George 108,109 II
Hayden Herbert 108,109 II
Hayden Jennie 108,109 II
Hayden Katherine Mrs 109 II
Hayden Warner 91,108 II
Hayes 289 II
Hayes Beatrice 295 II
Hays Blanche Gaddie 300 II
Hays Burials 303 II
Hays Caroline "Carrie" 166 II
Hays Caroline Peney 290 II
Hays Caroline Pinney 166 II
Hays Carrie 293 II
Hays Charles 294 II
Hays Charlie 296 II
Hays Dick 294,399 II
Hays Frank 299 II
Hays Geo W 290 II
Hays George Grandpa 169 II
Hays George Mrs 290 II
Hays George W 166,293,297 II
Hays Grace 293 II
Hays Graves 302 II
Hays Harry 156 II
Hays Harry Mrs 377 II
Hays Hattie 166 II
Hays Henry Mrs 194 II
Hays Lafe 294 II
Hays Madge 293 II
Hazel 116 II
Hazel James 393 II
Heathman J E 35 II
Heathman Easter 187 II
Heathman Elaine 35 II
Heathman Elbine 187 II
Heathman Gorden 187 II
Heathman Gordon 35 II
Heathman Virginia Bush 187 II
Heck Claude 110 II
Heck L W 416 II
Heck Lizzie  110 II
Heck Louis 110 II
Heck Louis W 109 II
Heck Lulu 110 II
Heck Mr & Mrs 110 II
Heckendorn Alfred 212 II
Heckendorn F H 444 II
Heckendorn Frank 212 II
Heckendorn Howard Sqt 212 II
Heckendorn Mart 310 II
Heckendorn Rozella Doering 212 II
Heckendorn 306 II
Heckenlively Place 233 II
Heeg P J Mrs 327 II
Heeg Peter J 178,317,320,321,323 II
Heeg Peter J 350 II
Hefly Gladys Mrs 295 II
Hegwer Augustus 14,23 II
Hegwer Carl 15 II
Hegwer Carrie Grey 222 II
Hegwer Charles 14 II
Hegwer Ernest 14 II
Hegwer F 383 II
Hegwer Henry 14,23,391 II
Hegwer Herman 222 II
Hegwer Mary 14 II
Hegwer Mena 15 II
Hegwer 385 II
Heider Rev 381 II
Heithoff Anthony Rev 381 II
Hellwege R Rev 385,386 II
Hemmer William T 120 II
Hemphill L A Mrs 404,416 II
Hemphill Marian Cartter 299 II
Hemphill Marian Gage 56 II
Hemphill Mrs 299 II
Henderson A J 110,111 II
Henderson Allen Joseph 110,111 II
Henderson Corbet 111 II
Henderson Dotie 110 II
Henderson George 111 II
Henderson Georgia 110 II
Henderson Georgia "Dottie" 111 II
Henderson Hanna 111 II
Henderson Hanna Mrs 110 II
Henderson Jeannette Hanna 111 II
Henderson Joe 404 II
Henderson John 111 II
Henderson John Rev 110 II
Henderson Kathryn 111 II
Henderson Lucinda Mrs 111 II
Henderson Margaret 111 II
Henderson Miss 111 II
Henderson Sarah 110 II
Henderson Thomas I 111 II
Henderson Tom 111 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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