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Volume II - Hoffmeister - Houghton

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Hoffmeister E C 434 II
Hoffmiller Albert 65 II
Hoffmiller Dorothy Elizabeth 65 II
Hoffmiller Estella Crum 64 II
Hoffmiller Estella Mrs 65 II
Holcomb F B 307,311 II
Holcombe Myrtle 354 II
Holick Vera H 217 II
Holland Temple G Colonel 56,57 II
Holland William Cartter 56,57 II
Hollenback Samuel 195 II
Hollingsworth  W J 288 II
Holloway Abigail 152 II
Holloway Stanley 88 II
Holmberg Arwed 365,395 II
Holmberg Ruth Marie 225 II
Holmes 239 II
Holmes Alice Mildred 121,122 II
Holmes Belle Tucker 450 II
Holmes Berta L 122 II
Holmes Building 412 II
Holmes Catherine Louise 32 II
Holmes Clyde 32 II
Holmes E F 394,433 II
Holmes E F Mrs 434 II
Holmes Ed 56,82,115 II
Holmes Furniture 397 II
Holmes Gladys Bertha 121 II
Holmes Hannah 257 II
Holmes Hannah Jacobs 259,261 II
Holmes Harry 307 II
Holmes J A 450 II
Holmes Jackson 257,259,261 II
Holmes John Allison 32 II
Holmes L R 56,397,399,400 II
Holmes Norma Jane 121 II
Holmes Will 306 II
Holmes Willard Edward 121 II
Holmes William 121,122 II
Holsinger B F 18 II
Holsinger Catherine 18 II
Holsinger Charles 18 II
Holsinger Daniel 23,257,258,275 II
Holsinger Elmira 18,420 II
Holsinger George 23 II
Holsinger Jac w 23 II
Holsinger Julia 23 II
Holsinger Mary 18 II
Holsinger Nancy 23 II
Holsinger Nettie   347 II
Holsinger W H 239,393,444,447 II
Holsinger W S 18 II
Holsinger William 18,23,347 II
Holsinger William Rev 258,259,264,275 II
Holter H O 432 II
Homes J J Mrs 34 II
Homestead Cemetery 401 II
Hood Ben 182 II
Hood John 182 II
Hood Robert 182 II
Hood Scroggin 182 II
Hood Stella 182 II
Hood William 16 II
Hoofer D C 402 II
Hooper C L Dr 322 II
Hoover C F Dr 449 II
Hoover Clyde 187 II
Hoover Clyde Jr 187 II
Hoover Dr 366,395 II
Hoover E Mrs 195 II
Hoover Esther 187 II
Hoover Gertrude 187 II
Hopkins Flora Davey 344,345 II
Hopper Lula Mrs 307 II
Hornberger Carrie 215 II
Hornberger Etta 215 II
Hornberger Furniture 393 II
Hornberger Jake 215 II
Hornberger Joe 215 II
Hornberger Marie Andrews 215 II
Hornberger Matilda 215 II
Horner Hattie 149 II
Horner J R 366 II
Hoskins C E 294 II
Hotchkiss Ranch 99 II
Hotticker Lawrence 21 II
Hougardy Terry 307 II
Hough Ed 104 II
Hough Fred 213 II
Hough Robert 104 II
Houghton A J 373 II
Houghton Farm 62 II
Houghton Kitty Miss 450 II
Houghton Lumber Yard 331 II
Houghton M A 374,377,416,437, II
Houghton M A Mrs 371 II
Houghton Mr 377 II
Houghton Place 89 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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