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Volume II - Jacob - Johnson, Eugene

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Jacob J J Rev 382 II
Jacob J Rev 385,386 II
Jacob John H William 378 II
Jacob John Rev 378 II
Jacobs Allie 265 II
Jacobs Amanda Roth 257 II
Jacobs Anna 264 II
Jacobs Ben Mrs 276,277 II
Jacobs Charlotte 22 II
Jacobs Charlotte Lynch 257 II
Jacobs Creek 254 II
Jacobs Daniel 22,257,258 II
Jacobs Dr 250 II
Jacobs Elizabeth 22,257,259 II
Jacobs Elizabeth Studebaker 257 II
Jacobs Gabriel 22,256,257,259,261 II
Jacobs Gabriel 268,270,274,275 II
Jacobs Gabriel 280,282,288 II
Jacobs Grace 71 II
Jacobs Hannah Holmes 257 II
Jacobs Lyda 266 II
Jacobs Mises 22 II
Jacobs Moses 257,258,282 II
Jacobs Mound 254,256,270 II
Jacobs Place 277,278 II
Jacobs Rachel Studebaker 257 II
Jacobs Will 276 II
Jacques Springs 154 II
James Earl 309 II
James John Captain 31 II
James Mr 91 II
James Mrs 309 II
James Watt B Dr 322 II
Janny Lizzie 266 II
Jarley Mrs 427 II
Jarvis C H 418 II
Jay Ed 94 II
Jeffrey Burials 303 II
Jeffrey C L Dr 227 II
Jeffrey Ferd 116 II
Jeffrey Maggie L 227 II
Jeffrey P C 250,443 II
Jeffrey Place 98 II
Jeffrey Store 222,250 II
Jeffrey Wm 393,444 II
Jenkins Rev 324 II
Jenner Argyle 243 II
Jenner H W 243 II
Jenner Janice 243 II
Jennings Burials 303 II
Jennings Charles Scott 126 II
Jennings Clay 126,350,398 II
Jennings Clay 350 II
Jennings Clay 398 II
Jennings Clay Mrs 400 II
Jennings Junior 127 II
Jennings Maud 126,127 II
Jennings Phyllis 127 II
Jennings Susan Holland 126 II
Jennings Susan Mrs 127 II
Jennings Virgil 127 II
Jensen L P 127,421 II
Jenson Fred 127,128 II
Jenson L P 127,136,447 II
Jenson Laurits Peter 127 II
Jenson May 127,128 II
Jenson Mrs 127 II
Johnson A J Rev 433 II
Johnson A T Mr and Mrs 122 II
Johnson Albert 128 II
Johnson Alice 128,130, II
Johnson Allan 131 II
Johnson Allen 365,395 II
Johnson Arnelle E 353 II
Johnson Arville 128 II
Johnson Arville E 128 II
Johnson Betty 49 II
Johnson Birdie M 131 II
Johnson Bob 394 II
Johnson Charles 288 II
Johnson Charles A 128 II
Johnson Clarence Virgil 129 II
Johnson D 350 II
Johnson Darlene 129 II
Johnson Dave 330 II
Johnson Donald Keith 131 II
Johnson Doris Jean 130 II
Johnson Dr 43,79,366,395 II
Johnson Dr Frank 366 II
Johnson E 445,446 II
Johnson E J 357 II
Johnson E Vay 295,347 II
Johnson Earl  129 II
Johnson Earl Cope 129 II
Johnson Eli Carl 129,130,131 II
Johnson Elliott 120 II
Johnson Elsie 130 II
Johnson Emma 129 II
Johnson Esther 130 II
Johnson Ethel W 131,133 II
Johnson Eugene V  49 II
Johnson Eugene V Mrs 49 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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