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Volume II - Jones, S F - Kennedy

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Jones S F 68,118,119,360 II
Jones S F 362,367,396 II
Jones S F Mrs 366 II
Jones Sam 325 II
Jones Samuel 133 II
Jones Sarah I 139,140 II
Jones Stephen 135 II
Jones Stella 37,39,134,140 II
Jones Stephen F 136,426,445 II
Jones T S 426 II
Jones T S Mrs 149 II
Jones Virgil 134 II
Jones W B 307 II
Jones Walter 134,140 II
Jones Weston 140 II
Jones Whitcomb  "Dick" 138 II
Jones Whitcomb O 138 II
Jones Willard 140 II
Jones William 139 II
Jones William R 139,140 II
Jones William Rufus 140 II
Jones 116,155,320,325 II
Jordan Mollie Miss 154 II
Joseph Marianne 164 II
Jost Ed Mrs 116 II
Joyce Morris 82 II
Judd Burials 303 II
Judd Fred Mrs 107 II
Judd Henry 392 II
Judd Roland 107,354 II
Juergensen P Rev 386 II
Juergensen Peter Pastor 385 II
Julian Harrison 228 II
Julian Harrison Mrs 228 II
Julian Mable May 229 II
Justice Elijah 263,264 II
Kabler Ira 240,367 II
Kabler Margaret Rettiger 240 II
Kane Sadie Woodring 252 II
Kansas 3rd Volunteers 25 II
Kansas Electric Power Co 418 II
Kansas Flour Mills 411 II
Kansas Flour Mills Corp 418 II
Kappelman Otto 402 II
Karlin Katherine 87 II
Karstensen Rev 386 II
Kay George Mrs 343 II
Keefer H R Mrs 353 II
Keemp Susannah Moffitt 185 II
Keener Bob 157 II
Keener Charles 157 II
Keener Earl 157 II
Keithley Cleora 107 II
Keithley Donald 107 II
Keithley Lovell Mrs 107 II
Kellam E B 366,395 II
Kellam H 412 II
Kellam Harmon 199 II
Kellam Mary 199 II
Kellar 287 II
Keller Agga Moffitt 187 II
Keller Arthur A 353 II
Keller Laurena 18 II
Keller Mary 187 II
Keller Maude 172 II
Keller Susan 18 II
Keller Thomas 18 II
Keller Wayne 416 II
Keller Will 187 II
Keller William 18 II
Kelley 371 II
Kellogg A D Moffitt 187 II
Kellogg Charley 187 II
Kellogg Edith 187 II
Kellogg George 187 II
Kellogg Jesse 120,187 II
Kellogg Mabel 187 II
Kellogg Mary 187 II
Kellogg Ruth   187 II
Kellogg Sallie 397 II
Kellogg Smith 187 II
Kelly Belle 141 II
Kelly Benard 432 II
Kelly Eliza 141 II
Kelly John 141,179 II
Kelly John A 141 II
Kelly Katie 141,142 II
Kelly Maggie L 141 II
Kelly Martha J 179 II
Kelly Mary A 141 II
Kelly Mattie 141 II
Kelly Mrs. 179 II
Kelly Robert 142 II
Kelly Robert J 141,142 II
Kelly William 141 II
Kelly Wm N 142 II
Kendrick Burials 306 II
Kennedy Effie 241 II
Kennedy H R 275 II
Kennedy James 119 II
Kennedy Katherine 56 II
Kennedy Sadie Rose 204 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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