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Volume II - Kent - Kochenhower

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Kent Arch 100 II
Kent Burials 303 II
Kent Frank 299,303,365,395,441 II
Kern Annie 214 II
Kern George 214 II
Kern Laura Eckman 214 II
Kern Melvin 214 II
Kerr J M 433 II
Kidd Louisa 104 II
Kilgore Judge 117 II
King Alenza 353 II
King Ed 398 II
King Ed Mrs 226 II
King George 56 II
King Harry A 298 II
King J L 398 II
King John 56 II
King Myra Miss 396,398 II
King Vilar 56 II
King Walter 403 II
Kingman Allie 266 II
Kinne Edward A 400 II
Kinne Rena 434 II
Kinnes 239 II
Kinsey Burials 303 II
Kinsey Grace Granger 245 II
Kinsey W Mrs 245 II
Kirk J C F 142 II
Kirk Alice 144,171 II
Kirk Alice Ingram 144,146 II
Kirk Allen Gregg 145,171 II
Kirk Burials 303 II
Kirk Caleb 142,143 II
Kirk Charles   143 II
Kirk Charles Sennet 143 II
Kirk Denick 143 II
Kirk Elden I 145 II
Kirk Elden Ingram 171 II
Kirk Helen E 145 II
Kirk Hubert L 145 II
Kirk J C F 146,171,323,407,414 II
Kirk Janet Luise 145,171 II
Kirk Jesse King 145 II
Kirk John Fremont 142,143,145 II
Kirk Jon Norman 145,171 II
Kirk Julia  143 II
Kirk Julia Jacobs 142,143 II
Kirk Karen Marcia 145,171 II
Kirk Lester   143 II
Kirk Lester King 143 II
Kirk Leta Marilyn 145 II
Kirk Lois Julia 143 II
Kirk Louis Laban 143 II
Kirk Maria Elizabeth 143 II
Kirk Mattie E 145 II
Kirk Maxine 171 II
Kirk Meredith 146 II
Kirk Meredith Arch 171 II
Kirk Meredity A 145 II
Kirk Mont 142,143,144 II
Kirk Opal McCabe 166 II
Kirk Robert 145 II
Kirk Robert B 145 II
Kirk Robert Bryant 171 II
Kirk Robert Laurin 145,171 II
Kirk Ruby Brandley 171 II
Kirk Rufus 143 II
Kirk Rufus S 145 II
Kirk Thomas 143 II
Kirk Tom 143 II
Kirk Vickie Rae 146 II
Kirk Victor 171,325,326 II
Kirk Victor Mrs 324,325,450 II
Kirk Victor T 145 II
Kirk Ward 143 II
Kirkendall E B 432 II
Kirker J F 387 II
Kirker Mrs 79 II
Kirkwood W R Dr 434 II
Kirwin Nellie 67 II
Kiser Nathan 141 II
Kitchen G E Rev 433 II
Kittle Grace 176 II
Klamm Dairy 418 II
Klamm Ralph 417 II
Klatt C M 146 II
Klatt Daniel 146 II
Klatt Mrs 146 II
Klaus Phyllis 120 II
Klein C H 443 II
Klotz A J C 397 II
Klugh Berta 324 II
Klussman Burials 303 II
Knapp William 429 II
Kneeland Mildred 45 II
Knoke Henry Rev 387 II
Koch Clara Leah Rose 205 II
Koch Ida Stowers 224 II
Kochenhower Building 416 II
Kochenhower Lela Leona 244 II
Kochenhower Leslie 243 II
Kochenhower Walter 244 II
Kochenhower Walter 416 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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