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Volume II - Koegeboehn - Lanam

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Koegeboehn Anna 148,149 II
Koegeboehn Chris 148 II
Koegeboehn Chris N 147,148 II
Koegeboehn Claus 147 II
Koegeboehn David 147,148 II
Koegeboehn Edward 147,148 II
Koegeboehn Eva 148,149 II
Koegeboehn Eva LeGrand 147 II
Koegeboehn Eva Mrs 147 II
Koegeboehn Family 147 II
Koegeboehn Fred K 148 II
Koegeboehn Henry 148 II
Koegeboehn John 147,148 II
Koegeboehn John Louie 149 II
Koegeboehn Katie 147,148 II
Koegeboehn Klaus 147 II
Koegeboehn Lena 147,148 II
Koegeboehn Levi 149,224 II
Koegeboehn Louis Laban 147 II
Koegeboehn Maggie L 147,148 II
Koegeboehn Minnie 147,148 II
Koegeboehn Paul 149 II
Koegeboehn William 148 II
Koegeboehns 386 II
Koenig Dorothy Pracht 200 II
Kofoed Angelina Margarethe 158 II
Kofoid Caroline  127 II
Koupal Katherine Perrigo 198 II
Kozy Lunch 418 II
Kraft Ed Jr 373 II
Kraft Ed Mr 372 II
Kraft Ed Mrs 372 II
Kraft Elizabeth 208 II
Kraft Frances Bertholl 372 II
Kraft Frances Wilbrecht 226 II
Kraft Ted 373 II
Kramer Eugene Rev 324,387 II
Krebs Mrs 428 II
Krebs Sigrid Mrs 427 II
Kreuz Bertha Miss 93 II
Krueger Edna Mae Mrs 70 II
Krueger Nadine 71 II
Krueger Walter 71 II
Kubler Ruth   353 II
Kuhl Cecil 149,405,418 II
Kuhl Cecil B 402 II
Kuhl Cecil Mrs 429 II
Kuhl Cecil 429 II
Kuhl Drug 418 II
Kuhl Eva 149 II
Kuhl Harness Shop 448 II
Kuhl J P 149,392 II
Kuhl Jay 418 II
Kuhl Jay D 149 II
Kuhl M M 149 II
Kuhl M M Harness 397 II
Kuhl Matt  149 II
Kuhl Michael M 149 II
Kuhl Will 403 II
Kuhl William 149 II
Kuhn Lizzie Mrs 82 II
Kuhn Rosa 98 II
Kulander Nettie 265 II
Lacey E T 387 II
LaCoss Callie 212 II
LaCoss Edith Penn 212 II
LaCoss Gertrude Conboy 212 II
LaCoss Gregory 212 II
LaCoss Louis Lute 212 II
LaCoss Will 212 II
Lacy Amos 150 II
Lacy Ella 150 II
Lacy Moses 18 II
Lacy Moses Dr 149,150 II
Lacy Mrs 150 II
Laird Mabel 134 II
Lake Hall 29 II
Lake Malinda 16 II
Lake R E 307 II
Lake Robert 16 II
Laloge Claude 309 II
Lamb Ansom 15 II
Lamb Austin 15 II
Lamb G H 302 II
Lamb Marion 15 II
Lamb Rebecca 15 II
Lamb  William 15 II
Lambert Anne 348 II
Lambert Finley C 348 II
Lambert Marion 295 II
Lamer C Mrs 403 II
Lamer Cyrus and Mrs 400 II
Lamer Jewell 400 II
Lamer Katie Sutcliffe 347 II
Lamer Mary Mrs 417 II
Lamer Mr 119 II
Lamer Property 407 II
Lamer Willard 407,417 II
Lanam Martin 19 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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