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Volume II - Lancaster - Larsen

Chase County Historical Sketches, Volume II, compiled and published by The Chase County Historical Society, 1948. All name index prepared by Lorna Marvin, Chase County Host, October 2001. Chase County Historical Sketches Volume I, II, III, IV can be purchased from the Chase County Historical Society, P O Box 375 Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, 66845-0375 .

Lancaster Farm 441 II
Lancaster H E Dr 397,418 II
Lancaster H E Mrs 374 II
Landsbury Abigail 152 II
Landsbury Augustus 152,342 II
Landsbury Augustus M 151,354 II
Landsbury Ben 152 II
Landsbury Benjamin 151,152,354 II
Landsbury Betsey 152 II
Landsbury Bettie Jane 151 II
Landsbury Calvin 151 II
Landsbury Dennis 151,354 II
Landsbury Dennis M 151 II
Landsbury Family 150 II
Landsbury Fremont 123,151 II
Landsbury Granny 151 II
Landsbury Jane 152 II
Landsbury Jeremiah 151,319,354 II
Landsbury Jeremiah Farm 134 II
Landsbury Jerry 151,167 II
Landsbury John 150,151,354 II
Landsbury John Calvin 151,354 II
Landsbury Mae 86 II
Landsbury Mark K 150 II
Landsbury Mary 151 II
Landsbury Mary A 151 II
Landsbury Mary A Newkirk 354 II
Landsbury Mary A Park 341 II
Landsbury Mary E 151,152 II
Landsbury Mary K 151,354 II
Landsbury Mrs 319 II
Landsbury Mrs C S Newkirk 342 II
Landsbury William 151 II
Landsbury 107 II
Lane Catherine 21 II
Lane Esther 21 II
Lane James H Senator 25 II
Lane Jeremiah 21 II
Lane John 21 II
Lane Mary 21 II
Lane William 21 II
Lane 289 II
Lange Rev 383 II
Lange W F Rev 384 II
Langendorf Edward 80 II
Langendorf Fred 80 II
Langendorf Joe 80 II
Langendorf Joseph 80,242 II
Langendorf Mary 242 II
Langston Farm 136,360 II
Lanham 343 II
Laningham Albert 17 II
Laningham Alice 17 II
Laningham Henry 17 II
Laningham Laura 17 II
Laningham Louisa 17 II
Lank C D 347 II
Lankow W Rev 385 II
Lannum Nancy M 152 II
Lansberry 155 II
Lantry B & C 153 II
Lantry Barney 72,153,154,359,360, II
Lantry Barney 364,387 II
Lantry Bernard 152 II
Lantry Building 387 II
Lantry C J 364 II
Lantry Catherine Lawler 154 II
Lantry Charles 153,154 II
Lantry Elizabeth 154 II
Lantry Farm 363 II
Lantry Helen 155 II
Lantry Henry 154,36,365 II
Lantry Jordan 155 II
Lantry Lizzie 363 II
Lantry Lizzie Miss 154 II
Lantry Nellie Miss 154 II
Lantry Ranch 410 II
Lantry Sons 364 II
Lantry 239,248,365 II
LaPlant Esther 348 II
Largent Anna Mrs 181,317,324,347,350 II
Largent Avella 156 II
Largent B F 181 II
Largent Ben F 316,317,320,321,328 II
Largent Ben F 328,332,335 II
Largent Benjamin F 155,156,314,321, II
Largent Benjamin F 332,350 II
Largent Bruce 155,156,314,320,323 II
Largent Bruce 328,332,337,340 II
Largent Harry 156 II
Largent Hattie   321 II
Largent Hattie Mrs 313 II
Largent Howard 104,156 II
Largent Laura 156,155,181,315 II
Largent Lena 156 II
Largent Mrs 155 II
Largent R B Bruce 104 II
Largent Ross 156 II
Larkins John 148 II
Larrish Mary A Park 251 II
Larsen August 281 II
Larsen May 281 II

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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